BUD TRIBE – Eye of the storm

BUD TRIBE – Eye of the storm

Writing "Mötorhead meet Judas Priest amongst others" should be enough to make you interested in Bud Tribe, unless you`re already a fan. Because, you either like it or love it. And now that I have your attention, at least make room between the Mötorhead  and Judas Priest records. These Italian guys deliver Old-school metal with the right sound. "Eye of the storm" is the third album release from Bud Tribe and they present a theme with lyrics mainly about the relationship between the elements, nature and man from an native American’s perspective. Ad classic metal drumming, heavy riffs and throaty, yet understandable vocal and say hello to Mr. Bud Tribe. He will present ten tracks and throw in a couple more as a bonus. I must admit I have not heard about this band before, but now I have and I`m nothing but thrilled about it. I believe they at one point received  a torch that was passed and kept the flame burning. The album has somewhat of a consistency, but yet varies within the genre. You will however understand why I mentioned Mötorhead and Judas Priest when you play this record for the first time. You will find referrals to many more known bands, but Bud Tribe wrap it all up real tight and keep it their own. Hell, I even got a Danzig-vibe in certain tracks!

To keep it short, it`s not supposed to be easy listening or to intellectual and hard to follow. It is pure old-school metal. This is what I want to have playing in my garage while wondering why the hell I had to take the whole bike apart to change a spark plug!?

I`d recommend " Rule the lightning" , one of the bonus tracks and the title track "Eye of the storm".