EVERSIN – Shedding More Tears

EVERSIN – Shedding More Tears

(…this article is in English…)

Italy. Many think of the metal scene there and all forms of symphonic power metal come to mind. Rhapsody (Of Fire), Labyrinth, and the like- or for years the acts that would mirror the efforts of progressive metal veterans Dream Theater. But there are other forms of metal in this country from domestic bands, and Eversin is one act out to prove their case for individuality in terms of their thrash sound.

Their second album "Tears on the Face of God" contains an interesting mix of early to mid-90’s Megadeth, older Annihilator and the latest batch of Nevermore albums to give you a subtle reference point. Vocalist Angelo Ferrante doesn’t feel the need to soar to the high heavens stuck in falsetto mode, and with bassist Ignazio Nicastro doesn’t mind taking his bottom end exploits to Steve Harris/ D.D. Verdi heights.

They are also serious about promoting their thoughts to the fans at large. Bassist Ignazio quickly fielded my questions within a day- quite a rarity with other artists still non-responsive to interviews sent out months ago. Get ready to arm yourself with more Eversin knowledge.


What can you tell us about your personal background growing up? How did you become interested in picking up an instrument- and was the bass always your primary instrument of choice? What were some of your early musical memories- and at what point did you make a move towards hard rock/ heavy metal?

"Well…It was 1992 when my father bought me a tape by a band called Iron Maiden. The album was titled "Fear of the Dark", ahahaha, you know it? I was 12 years old, and I was impressed by the cover of the tape. My first impression was not so enthusiastic. It was the first time I was listening to something so devastating. "Be Quick or Be Dead" was like thunder in my ears. But after 2 days all that changed. I had found the soundtrack to my life: METAL!!! My first instrument was a guitar. I still remember…a black guitar by Area Pro…a good instrument. I was 13 years old and I was so fucking frustrated that I was not able to play it (laughs). My love for bass was born when I played it for the first time, after a couple of months from buying the guitar. Its low and powerful notes kidnapped me. So I asked my parents to buy a bass guitar. It was what I really wanted. I locked up myself up in my room for 2 long years, playing and following Iron Maiden and Metallica, until I learned their entire discography. Then I decided to form my own band. It was in the summer of 1994."

The band Eversin originally began as a more power/progressive metal act with orchestral and epic nuances called Fvoco Fatvo. What can you tell us about the development of this band and your three releases between 2001-2006- including the "Our Elegy" album?

"Uhm…Fvoco Fatvo was a great band. We wanted to be ‘different’ at any cost. Our music was really hard to comprehend and I must admit this was the reason we collapsed. We had pushed ourselves too behind the lines. In 2007 I felt the need to change. We decide to split with our keyboardist and try to go back to what really pushed us to play: Thrash Metal. The album released under the moniker FF was a weird album. Lot of elements united into the same song…"Our Elegy" as an album was our ‘swansong’.  There was no more the reason to go on. The first EVERSIN record features some past FF influences, in fact it is a pretty experimental record. "Tears on the Face of God" is EVERSIN at 100%."


At what point did you decide to change the name and direction of the band to Eversin? Is this why there was a long break between albums- as "Divina Distopia" didn’t come out until 2010? What are your thoughts on the songwriting and recording sessions for this album- are there any aspects you wish you could go back and change in retrospect?

I decided to change the name of the band when I felt there was no more reason to go on with the Fvoco Fatvo adventure. Our music did not have the same meaning from the beginning. We were turning into a cold and lifeless music machine. I would like to change something on "Divina Distopia" because there are too many aspects tied to the past of the band. I don’t like keyboards in Metal but unfortunately "Divina Distopia" is full of this fucking instrument. On that record we had not found a good balance. By the way "Divina Distopia" was a great and unexpected success. I must be honest: I love that record but I would change at least half of it."

The new album is "Tears On The Face Of God"- and your sound is a unique blend of power and thrash with some technicality on display. How does the songwriting element work within the band- is it a collaborative effort in the rehearsal room together or do certain members bring riffs/ lyrics already prepared and then you work off of them? Is it difficult to come up with your lyrics in English being that Italian is your natural first language of choice?

"We use to write our songs all together, but often me and Giangabriele Lo Pilato (guitars) bring in rehearsal room songs ‘done and finished’. Angelo takes care of his vocal lines after we compose all the music. Concerning our lyrics…I write all of them…I have spoken English since I was 13, I learned translating songs by the Metal acts I loved, but I’m conscious of the fact that I have so much to improve. There is always room to learn and to improve. I don’t like Italian used into a Metal song…I think it does not complete the sound, sometimes it is even cacophonic."


How did the guest appearances with Tony Dolan (Atomkraft, Venom) and Simone Mularoni (Empyrios,DGM) occur for the new album?

"Tony Dolan is a dear friend of mine and a great and unique person. He is one of the most important voices in the extreme scene but one of the humblest people I know. I asked him to be our guest on our new record, and after he listened to "Nightblaster" he accepted. It’s a great honor for us to have him on our record. Simone Mularoni mastered our album at his own studios, Domination Studios here in Italy, and I asked him to play a solo for us on "The Tale of a Dying Soldier"…and he accepted. Simone is an awesome guitar player…maybe one of the best we have in Italy and his work with Empyrios and DGM are clear displays of his skillfulness.

What are your thoughts on your record label My Kingdom Music? I remember reading in an earlier interview with Lords Of Metal webzine that the band is more of a studio outfit due to your busy work lives- is this still the case currently? How many live shows have you been able to play as Eversin through the years?

"My Kingdom Music is a great, great label. Francesco (the owner) loves his bands and believes in their music. Here in Italy we are living a serious economic crisis but MKM is still here to promote and believe in its bands. He maintains all of our respect and support.  Concerning our live shows, I have to say that the situation is better than before. We played some gigs with Death Angel to promote "Divina Distopia" and some with Braindamage. Now we are planning some shows with Mr. Dolan and his Mpire of Evil…Nothing is certain, but we are working for it."

How would you describe your band members in a few words each regarding their personality and work ethics- what do you think each member brings to the group to make Eversin unique and special?

"Nice question…really.

Angelo is a really high quality singer, and in my opinion one of the best Metal singers here in Italy. Many people consider the Power Metal singers the best ones, but I think they are all the same, all too busy to show they are able to reach high notes, and sometimes they forget they are Metal singers. Angelo is a Thrash Metal vocalist, but as you can see, he is more than able to reach high pitched notes, without forgetting to be a Metal singer. When you listen to him you know who he is. He’s unique.

Giangabriele, our guitarist, is the best guitarist I’ve ever played with. I’ve played with dozens of guitarists, but Gianga is perfect. He is a killer riff maker, a great shredder, and a fantastic songwriter. On stage he is simply devastating. We are a couple of tanks when we are on a fucking stage.

Tony, our new drummer: well, there is not much to say about him. He is the hammer of the gods, a thunder in the sky, a living chronometer. Pure strength- ah, he is totally crazy…

Me? I still have not found a bass player as good as I am…ahahahaha!!! I love 3 bass players: Steve Harris, Steve Di Giorgio and Alex Webster. They are constant sources of inspiration for me. I’ve tried to build my style of playing following the example of this three immense musicians. Some say I have succeeded… ahahahah."


What are your views on the world we live in currently? What worries you most about the future over the next 5-10 years? If you were the leader of the world, what would be your number one focus or problem to solve?

"I’m really worried about the situation in Italy. I can’t see the end of the tunnel, people are starving. The number of poor people is constantly increasing as our leader seems too busy to think for the large population. Nothing new you will say, but now the situation is really critical. Over the next 5-10 years, well, I haven’t got the crystal ball, but there is no need to be the clairvoyant (great song!!!ahaha) to understand we are into the shit up to our noses. Nothing will change in the future."

What are your top five metal bands of all time and favorite albums by each of these artists? Who do you think is an underrated band or artist that more people need to check out at some point in their lives?

1.      Iron Maiden  – the entire discography with Bruce Dickinson but "Final Frontier"

2.      Slayer – entire discography

3.      Megadeth – "Peace sells", "So Far…", "Rust in Peace", "Countdown to Extinction"; "Endgame"

4.      Metallica – "Ride the Lightning", "Master of Puppets"; "…And Justice for All"

5.      Annihilator – "Alice in Hell"; "Never, Neverland".

5bis. Testament, Overkill, Exodus, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Death Angel…Chose a record by these band…For me it is good anyway…ahahaha.

"About the underrated bands: Coroner, Voivod and Anacrusis. People listen to these bands…They deserve your time and energy."

How do you feel about the Italian metal/ hard rock scene in general? Do you think club promoters, venues, magazines, radio stations, and bands all work together for the benefit of the fans? Who are some other bands people should be looking for in this scene?

"I don’t like the Italian scene…too falsity and jealousy. No one works for the music and for the fans. Promoters think to their own gain only, and bands make war…Bah. There are lot of bands whom deserve greatness such as Drakkar or Ultra-violence, but it’s a shitty situation. Here in Italy people always listen to the same Power Metal bands…How can they do this??? These bands are all the same."

What is the plan for Eversin over the next 12 to 18 months as far as recording, promotion, or live activities?

"We will promote on stage the new record at our best. We will try to play the most we can. After the spring-summer shows we will start thinking to a new studio chapter of our discography…

Thanks for your nice words on EVERSIN, we all appreciate this. To all your readers: Remember, EVERSIN kick asses, so be with us guys, if not the next ass could be yours. THRASH ‘TILL DEATH!!!"