DIRT – Rock ‘n’ Roll Accident

DIRT – Rock ‘n’ Roll Accident

Forming in 2008 during the ‘metalcore hype’ years, German quintet Dirt possesses a down-tuned sludge groove sound with equal emphasis on Southern rock as much as doom for this second album "Rock ‘n’ Roll Accident". Black Label Society, Corrosion Of Conformity (circa "Deliverance"), and a touch of Shinedown come to mind on this mix of straight ahead rockers and occasional forays into acoustic bluesy fare.

Standouts include opening four to the floor stomper "Seven Days" and bluesy bass based "Never Change My Ways" that had tinges of early Great White in the guitar chords and pacing from Thiemo Hille and Florian Stollberg. Vocalist Sven Zaklikowski has one of those southern whiskey laced drawls to his delivery that fence sits between late 80’s hard rock and current post grunge / modern rock – nondescript at best and slightly irritating at worst.

"Rock ‘n’ Roll Accident" probably goes down a storm live- but when you hear the obvious Sabbath riff nicks in "Crush", it makes you wonder why Dirt doesn’t seek out greener, more original pastures with this tried and true sound.