MORON POLICE spiller på Kosmo onsdag (3/10)

MORON POLICE spiller på Kosmo onsdag (3/10)

Onsdag 03/10-2012 Bergen Kosmo




Bill. kr. 100,-

Tidspunkt: 21:00


What happens if you take a pinch of Jack Black’s non-existent scruffy beard, add a sweaty glob of bastard metal in the vein of System of A Down then subsequently top it off by boiling it in Frank Zappa’s stinky night potty?

Hard to tell, but it would probably end up smelling alarmingly like Moron Police, who may or may not be a band.

The hard-hitting (whatever that means), psychedelic trio from the rebellious outskirts of Vest-Agder in Norway, finds funk and metal to be a legitimate combo and enjoys hitting you in the face with a ten ton hammer comprised of awesome riffs and bad humor.
Since they’re a pretty ugly bunch, they try to make up for it by acting like a pack of traumatized spastics onstage. They might also be the only band around town that has their own very unsuccessful mockumentary series.