SUMMER BREEZE 2013 med sine første navn

SUMMER BREEZE 2013 med sine første navn


It’s going to get really hot in Dinkelsbühl in 2013! IN FLAMES are coming to lay waste to SUMMER BREEZE. Because those who have seen the erstwhile pioneers of melodic death metal in a live situation know they don’t just hang up a backdrop and play away, but that they pay special attention to the visual aspect. Pyros, a massive lightshow and a gripping performance all go without saying. So it’s almost a detail that over the years IN FLAMES have penned tons of essential hits which belong to modern metal as cheese belongs on a pizza. That’s why we are stoked to announce IN FLAMES as the first highlight for SUMMER BREEZE 2013.

Owwwwwwwwwwww! Owwwwwwww! The wolves are back! POWERWOLF have always been guarantee for a great atmosphere at SUMMER BREEZE. And what else would you do rather than partying when the likeable German-Romanians deliver such singalong greats as ‘We Drink Your Blood’ and ‘Prayer In The Dark’. Since their last SUMMER BREEZE appearance, the wolves have made another giant step in terms of popularity. No wonder! Once you have experienced their charismatic stage presence and their gripping live shows, you willingly become part of their pack, never to leave again. Grandiose antertainment with catchy, theatrical power/heavy metal guaranteed! Both on stage and on record! Their fifth album is already in the making and will hopefully be ready in time for SUMMER BREEZE. Owwwwwwwwww!

Fancy some folk melodies, pagan rhythms and loads of hits? Then you should look forward to ENSIFERUM! Heroes from the past, galloping horses, battle noises, lances, bucklers, swords and battle hymns, as well as the boozy celebrations after significant victories, they are all transported into our time and onto the stage by the Finns. The newest higlight in their successful career is their new album ‘Unsung Heroes’, which made it into the Top 20 of the German charts as has almost become a tradition with ENSIFERUM. A sign of pagan/folk metal still being among your favourite subgenres – not least thanks to a constant like ENSIFERUM. Please give them a warm welcome and celebrate their ‘Victory Songs’ accordingly!

They are one of the bands most often requested by you, the fans, and finally we have managed to book them: KNORKATOR! "Germany’s most band in the world" will not only strain your neck muscles, but your laugh muscles as well. The trio led by Stumpen, the mad dervish at the mic with the half-body tattoo, is not only for the "ultimate man" (original song title: ‘Der Ultimative Mann’), sometimes they are just "evil" (orig. song title: ‘Böse’) and smash everything to "pieces" (orig. song title: "Kurz Und Klein"), while their metallic cover versions of ‘Ma Baker’ or ‘All That She Wants’ blare out of the speakers. Those who want room for a little melancholy besides all this smart wordplay – which sometimes borders on crude fecal humour – are "on their way down" (orig. song title: ‘Weg Nach Unten’) anyway, fervently intonating "we are all gonna die" (orig. song title: ‘Wir Werden (Alle Sterben)’). You won’t find any band able to mix humour and heavy metal in a more outlandish, extravagant, original and creative way than these Berliners. Join the party!

Pretty much from their very formation in 2003 they have been one of the hottest bands in Germany’s extreme metal scene: NEAERA! Five fantastic album, two chart entries, tons of tours as headliners or supporting the big names, countless glorious festival shows and lots of fire in their hearts, all of this is what characterizes these likeable Münster lads. Many of you probably remember the incredible demolition of the tent stage in 2011. Yet in 2013 there’s still no way around NEAERA. Death metal fans, black metal fans (yes, even these influences have been present in their sound for some time now), extreme metal fans, unite! This band is about to send your neck into retirement. There’s no better way to meld the aggression of death metal, the furiousness of black metal and the power of modern metal. Their sixth album is already recorded and will hopefully be released before SUMMER BREEZE 2013, so you can destroy yourselves not only to their well-known hits, but also to new jewels.