OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 – Day 0 – Czech Republic

OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 – Day 0 – Czech Republic

Trutnov, in the Czeck Republic was the destination. For the third year in a row, I was going to enjoy one of the most brutal festivals left in Europe. Obscene Extreme has a reputation for being a freak friendly festival, non-violent, and 100% vegan with some of the most extreme bands on the scene today. You will find grind core, gore grind, death metal, thrash, crust, d-beat, blast beats, slam, hardcore punk, and a whole lot of mixes of the aforementioned varieties of extreme music.

First of I would like to thank, and congratulate, Curby for this magnificent birthday gift to himself and the fact that he puts down a hell of a lot of work each year to keep obscene extreme on the right track.

Second, I would like to plead to Curby and the staff to NOT let the freak fest grow any more now. It is not pleasant to watch grown men drink urine, eat shit out of the port-a-johns and smear each other with human feces!  I am not throwing any stones here, just saying that in my opinion, and in the opinion of a lot of the people I met and talked to both this year, and the last, some things are best kept in the privacy of ones home or any given freak club…

With that out of the way: Obscene extreme, what a festival, what a fantastic audience, what a great lineup, what a perfect experience!!

The festival kicked off with the aforementioned Freak festival Wednesday July 11th. This part was probably fun, but it was also great fun to hang around the camp area and meet up with old friends from the scene, meet new friends, and just enjoy the atmosphere that was starting to build up.