FASTKILL – 1-2-3-4-go

FASTKILL – 1-2-3-4-go

(…this article is in English…)

This summer Eternal Terror’s Peter Loftus jetted off to the Land of the Rising Sun to catch up with FASTKILL drummer Kazu. Here’s what happened…

What news from Fastkill?

Hi Peter how’s going. These days we’re playing several shows here in Japan and preparing material for several projects. They will be 3 split albums and each one will be with Japanese / Brazilian / European bands.


Tell us about your excellent new album. You must be delighted with the way it turned out…

Yes, totally. We’re quite satisfied with it and the feedback we’ve gotten so far. This is our 3rd album and on this one we pushed our basic style of speed-oriented Thrash Metal farther forwards. We can’t wait to play in front of some live audiences, especially those countries we never played in before, like Europe and the United States.

Where does the Fastkill love of speed come from?

Speed is the reason for FASTKILL to exist. We started the band because we were disappointed and got sick of the beginning of 90′ when Thrash Metal was dying. As you know, at that time tons of Thrash Metal band shifted their style into the trend, throwing away their speed instead. Having seen and experienced such an era, it’s natural for us to stick to speed and search for our real Thrash Metal.

Although ‘Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer’ is a modern sounding record, the 80’s thrash influences are right up there. Which bands from that era do you listen to most?

Acid Reign, Blood Feast, Dark Angel, Kreator, Razor, Sacred Reich and Tankard are the bands we grew up with and have been listening to.

Do you listen to any of the new breed of thrashers? 

Blasthrash, Fueled by Rire, Raped God 666 and Violator are awesome.

How does the song writing and recording process work in the band?

Basically both guitarists (Jiro & Aki) bring basic tracks / ideas into studio and we all build up structures and titles together. Usually Toshi (vo) starts to write lyrics after each song is completed,

Do you all have day jobs or is music your full time occupation?

Yes, everyone in the band has full time job and family. Of course our music activities are limited compared to single people’s but the balance between band and life matters for continuing musical activities, I think.


Do you think it is unrealistic for modern metal bands to expect to make a living from their art? (If so why?)

From point of Japanese view, I think there’s more possibilities in Europe where Metal is mainstream and acknowledged by the majority. In Japan, where Metal is in total minority, I know it’s impossible so that we never expect it.

Has it been a disadvantage coming from Japan?

In this current internet era, there’s no problem sharing and updating band info. The only problem is that the distance prevents us from often having shows in other countries.

How is the Japanese metal scene these days? Are there any acts that you think our readers should check out?

Pretty good for lots of bands touring abroad and getting recognition. ABIGAIL, ANATOMIA and COFFINS are already famous in Europe but also Deadly Spawn, King’s Evil, Mortalized, Terror Squad, Unholy Grave are definitely worth checking out.

What has been your favourite gig of the past year (as either artist or punter)?

One of the best shows was last year in Malaysia. An audience of around 1000 gathered in unbelievably heat and humidity. I almost fainted during the last song because of the heat but it was good experience. Another is last year’s Taipei with DESTRUCTION. You can imagine how it would be to share stage with a band that you grew up with. It was an unforgettable time.

What are your plans for touring the new album? Any chance of you coming to Europe?

Yes, definitely. Because of our job, the schedule might be limited but I know we have to play there someday.

What next for Fastkill?

At the release of the new album in Europe  and the States, the official video of the song "Die In The Pentagram" will be available. As mentioned in the beginning, we will release 3 split albums.  Plus we hope have a chance to play in Europe and the States with new album!!