LEVIATHAN – Beyond the Gates of Imagination

LEVIATHAN – Beyond the Gates of Imagination

There are more than a few Leviathans out there, so right from the start, I should point out that this is the Westphalian one – not the other German one or Wrest’s BM one man band.

The music on offer is progressive melodic death metal with a slight folksy edge and right from the very first track it is obvious these guys really know how to play their instruments and put a tune together. The songs are dynamic, with plenty of urgency and each of them feels more like a musical journey than the simple verse-verse-chorus we so often get. The riffs have been crafted to be familiar and compelling, yet also full of idiosyncrasy to keep the listener engaged and satisfy those who prefer a more original approach. The leads ornament everything perfectly too. On top of that, the production is crystal clear. It is amazing that a band from an indie label can come up with this polished a sound.

My only problem with the album is that it is a little too commercial for my tastes, even though it is actually quite heavy and fast in places. Having said that, I can easily imagine that it would appeal to fans of early Dark Tranquillity and Borknagar. Plus, taking into account that this is the band’s first full-length album, I don’t feel like I am taking any risk at all by telling you that if there is any justice at all in the music business, you will be hearing much more from this band in the future. Expect big things!