MORTAL SIN – Siste band til Thrashfest Classics 2011

MORTAL SIN – Siste band til Thrashfest Classics 2011


THRASHFEST Classics Tour – MORTAL SIN confirmed!

Australia´s legendary thrashers MORTAL SIN have just been confirmed to play the THRASHFEST CLASSICS TOUR 2011! This tour will kick off in November and make its way all through Europe where all participating bands will only be performing their classic material on stage!


MORTAL SIN about the Thrashfest Tour:

„We’re thrilled to announce Mortal Sin will be joining the "Thrashfest Classics" tour through Europe in November/December 2011, thanks to Rock The Nation. We’re proud to be sharing the stage with thrash legends Sepultura, Exodus, Destruction & Heathen, and playing songs from Mayhemic Destruction & Face of Despair albums. The tour will also coincide with the European release of our new album "Psychology of Death" on 18th November 2011 through NoiseArt Records. As a new chapter in the life of Mortal Sin brings us back to our roots we will be proud to stand along side some of the pioneers of the thrash revolution performing for generations of loyal followers on the Thrashfest Classics Tour, thus filling the void between past and future. Thrashfest is proof that the unity among metal heads has stood the test of time and we are truly honoured to be a part of it." MORTAL SIN

Their brand new thrash hammer „Psychology of Death" will be released on November 18th 2011 via NoiseArt Records including their legendary debut album „Mayhemic Destruction" as a bonus disc in the limited digi pak version. This very record put MORTAL SIN on the thrash metal map back in 1986 letting them become a rising star in the scene and throughout their career the band toured and played with acts such as METALLICA, ANTHRAX, FAITH NO MORE, TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, JUDAS PRIEST and many more… The album was recorded by producer Darrren Jenkins who is responsible for the massive sound on "Psychology of Death". The drum sound will tear your speakers in pieces, the guitars sound furiously fast and aggressive. Old school as hell and fast as f*ck!


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Thrashfest Line-Up:


SEPULTURA – Headliner – performing "Beneath the Remains", "Arise" & "Chaos A.D."

EXODUS – Headliner – performing "Bonded By Blood", "Pleasure Of The Flesh" & "Fabulous Disaster"

DESTRUCTION – performing "Sentence Of Death" & "Infernal Overkill"

HEATHEN – performing "Breaking The Silence" & "Victims Of Deception"

MORTAL SIN – performing "Mayhemic Destruction" & "Face of Despair"


Let the bludgeon rule! This thrash-spectacular is definitely unique! It’s time for "thrash til’ death!"



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25.11.11 – DE    Munich    Backstage
26.11.11 – NL    Leeuwarden    Schaaf
27.11.11 – Fr     Paris    Bataclan
28.11.11 – DE    Braunschweig    Meier Music Hall
29.11.11 – DE    Würzburg    Posthalle
30.11.11 – DE    Saarbrücken    Garage
01.12.11 – CZ    Prag    Kd Vltavska
02.12.11 – DE    Oberhausen    Turbinenhalle
03.12.11 – DE    Giessen    Hessenhallen
04.12.11 – BE     Antwerpen    Trix
05.12.11 – DE    Hamburg    Markthalle
06.12.11 – SE     Göteburg    Trädgarn
07.12.11 – DK    Aarhus    Voxhall
08.12.11 – DE    Berlin    C-Club
09.12.11 – PL     Katowice    Mega Club
10.12.11 – DE     Leipzig    Hellraiser
11.12.11 – SK     Bratislava    Majestic
12.12.11 – HR    Zagreb    Boogaloo
13.12.11 – SI      Ljubljana    Kino Siska
14.12.11 – IT      Bologna    Estragon
15.12.11 – CH    Pratteln    Z-7
16.12.11 – NL    Eindhoven    Effenaar
17.12.11 – DE    Stuttgart    LKA
18.12.11 – AT    Wien    Arena