Hotel + billettsalg

Hotel + billettsalg

Official Festival Hotel

Now Accepting Bookings for 2012

The official festival hotel Royal Christiania is now accepting bookings for Inferno 2012. The period you can book at a special festival price is from April 1st to April 9th 2012.

The prices are:
Single room – 666 NOK
Double room – 999 NOK
Extra bed – 240 NOK

To book a room call or e-mail at:
Tel. + 47 23 10 80 92
Important: Give the reference code "Inferno 343033" to get our festival prices.

For further details visit our hotel page or the Royal Christiania webpage.



2012 Tickets Available for Purchase

The tickets for Inferno 2012 are now available for purchase both in Norway and abroad. Choose the ticket of your choice in the ticket box on the right hand side to order. Tickets for norwegians are purchased through Billettservice while foreigners can purchase using PayPal. If you buy using PayPal the tickets will be shipped to you by regular postal services.

Keep in mind the 18 year age limit of the festival. Some club day venues have a 20 year age limit. Too see which ones visit the venues page.



Arcturus, Borknagar and Witchery

at Inferno 2012

Three bands that could not make it this in 2011 is ready for next year’s black easter celebration.

Get ready for black folk metal with a progressive twist when Borknagar returns to the INFERNO stage 2012! The band formed in Bergen in 1995 and is known worldwide for their melodic black metal. Borknagar released their eight full length album" Universal" last year and joining the line-up is original vocalist I.C. Vortex! The band has gone back to their roots with a primal yet mind blowing challenging energy and sound!

Yet a legendary band is returning when the masters of avant-garde black metal joins the INFERNO line-up 2012! Formed in 1987 by legends like Hellhammer, Samoth and Garm as the black metal band Mortem. The band changed name to Arcturus and released their debut album "Asperia Hiems Symfonia" in 1996 evolving into a symphonic, experimental black metal band. After four album releases the band members went their separate ways in 2007. In 2012 Arcturus is back and they will hit the INFERNO stage with full force!

From the ashes of Satanic Slaughter, Witchery rose in 1997 to give the world true Swedish speed metal! Serious technical thrash mixed up with a dark sense of humor, Witchery is known not only for their sound but also for their lyrics containing morbid topics like executions, murder, necrophilia, and resurrections. A cult phenomenon with their own Ben Wrangler, this band will wake the dead at INFERNO 2012!