EXECRATION med releaseparty på Unholy (11/6)

EXECRATION med releaseparty på Unholy (11/6)

Lørdag 11. juni 2011 – Oslo/Unholy







20 år leg plikt




EXECRATION (N) have just put the finishing touches to their second album, following 2008’s "Syndicate of Lethargy". "Odes of the Occult" will contain 9 tracks of vicious, evil death metal on double 12" vinyl. It parts with the percussive style of previous releases in favor of a wider set of influences drawing from death metal, doom and cult black metal. In 50+ minutes, "Odes of the Occult" will make your ears b…leed from dark, brutal doom-laced death metal chemically cleansed of any "modern" death metal tricks. A guaranteed highlight for 2011! "Odes Of The Occult" will come on double vinyl in an oldschool matte gatefold cover, incl. download code. Ltd. CD edition will follow later. Co-release with Vendlus Records.



"Awesome. … won’t disappoint anyone with a soft-spot for uncompromising and obscure death metal".
Avantgarde Metal

"’Odes Of The Occult’ is a must for anyone that holds varied old school death metal dear."
81/100 Lords Of Metal

"This is great old style death that hits dead on, ready to satisfy your need for crushing morbidity. Bloody hails for this one."
Metal Assault Radio

8/10 Rockerilla Magazine

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