3 nye black metal band til HITS

3 nye black metal band til HITS




Event: Hole in the Sky – Bergen Metal Fest XII

Date: 24.08. – 27.08

Location: Bergen, Norway


Blackest of the Black!


We are extremely proud to be adding three of the best bands the black metal underground has to offer to the bill of what will be the last festival in the history of Hole in the Sky. Please welcome Black Witchery from Florida, finish Archgoat and Norways own One Tail, One Head.






One of the most heinously blasphemous bands ever to desecrate a stage, Floridas Black Witchery will be one HELL of a show. Carrying the torch of the classic bestial Black Metal bands like Blasphemy, Beherit and Archgoat, Black Witchery are among the most revered bands of the underground Black Metal Elite. Responsible for classic albums like "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" and last years "Inferno of Sacred Destruction", Black Witchery promises us a very special, one-off performance at Hole in the Sky 2011. If you dare.






Finally arriving in Bergen, these Finns have been spewing forth blasphemy since 1989, with the legendary "Angelcunt" MLP being one the most notorious underground releases from the early nineties. Their 2006-comeback "Whore of Bethlehem" proved that their bestial brand of Black Metal was as vital as ever, with recent album "The Light-Devouring Darkness" confirming Archgoats reputation as one of the most respected bands in the underground. All hail the cult!






The most fertile breeding ground for Norwegian Black Metal has for some time now been situated i Nidaros, and One Tail, One Head is probably the most promising act out of this scene. Consisting of members from highly respected bands like Mare and Celestial Bloodshed One Tail, One Head have two acclaimed demos to their name, and have recently released two EPs as well on the Norwegian cult label Terratur Possessions. Reportedly delivering one of the best live performances at the Nidrosian Black Mass festival back in December, make sure to not miss out on the future of Norwegian Black Metal.