NEONGOD ute på Misantrof

NEONGOD ute på Misantrof




Two members of legendary Black Metallers CARPATHIAN FOREST have joined forces for the release of NEONGOD’s "Cleareyes", albeit in a somewhat different role for one of them.  While CARPATHIAN FOREST’s Anders Kobro can be found behind the drum kit of the Norwegian Thrash/Death Metallers, bass player Daniel Vrangsinn is this time carrying out his duty as head of Misantrof ANTIRecords, as his label releases the five-track EP from NEONGOD.  

As with all Misantrof releases, "Cleareyes" is available for free download at

Track listing for "Cleareyes" as follows:
01 Zitadelle
02 Cleareyes
03 Fragment of blood
04 Safe Reports from the Breeding Station
05 Stalingrad

Based in Kristiansand, NEONGOD was formed in 2003 by guitarist Kjell Jacobsen and then -drummer Sven Rothe.  The pair were quickly joined by Tom Aksel Hansen on bass and guitarist Gøran Bomann (CHAIN COLLECTOR, CARPATHIAN FOREST) and a lengthy search for the right vocalist was concluded in late 2003 when Svein Reinton, an old-school thrasher friend of the band, joined as front man.  NEONGOD spent most of the next year producing new material and redefining the band’s sound, which, with the addition of Reinton’s vocals, had become much more extreme.  Two demos were released, "Neongod" in 2005 and "Anarchaos" in 2006 and were followed by the debut album "Disease Inc.", which included new addition Ivan "Meathook" Gujic who had joined the band on guitars, and Ole Vistnes (ZEROZONIC, TRISTANIA) who played session bass on the album in place of the outgoing Tom Axel.   Two more personnel changes were to take place before the definitive NEONGOD line up was established.  2008 saw the departure of drummer Rothe, whose place was taken by another long-time friend of the band, Anders Kobro (CARPATHIAN FOREST, IN THE WOODS, GREEN CARNATION, CHAIN COLLECTOR) and the final addition was  Morten Jacobsen on bass, whose arrival, according to NEONGOD   added a touch of "insanity and attitude". 

For want of a better definition, NEONGOD is described as playing Thrash/Death Metal , but the band  is quick to point out that they play "hard hitting modern thrash, incorporating groove, tons of aggression and a hint of good old death metal –  in other words we do whatever the hell we want as long as it’s hard and heavy".  With "Cleareyes" released on Misantrof on the 27th February, and new material already written, the way is now clear for NEONGOD to concentrate on the new full-length album, which the band plan to record in the summer/autumn of 2011.   More information about NEONGOD can be found on the band’s MySpace page at

Below you can see an official promo video for the track "Cleareyes" from the NEONGOD album of the same name.

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