BUT WE TRY IT – Dead Lights

BUT WE TRY IT – Dead Lights

Does thrash core – metal core – whatever core have that much universal appeal across the globe? Apparently so, as I’m still hearing newer acts trying to break through with their gruff/ shouted out vocals, obvious circle pit parts and anger intertwined with heavy guitars, bass and drums. Providing this "Dead Lights" installment would be Germany’s But We Try It, who release a debut album a mere two years following their inception.

Musically But We Try It aren’t attempting to out race their competitors or brethren. Most of the arrangements and songwriting focus on mid-tempo or slower riffing, with influences from Sweden to America in their technique and execution. Guitarists Tim Marxcors and Domink Ballreich at least break out of riding the same three chord patterns and aren’t afraid to throw down some soloing muscle against the normal action in tracks like “Everything Falls Apart” or “Embracing Darkness”. When But We Try It keep things grooving, you get the feeling they’ve studied their Life Of Agony catalog just as much as they looked at latter day In Flames.

Singer Jorn Preidt doesn’t so much carry the words – he reminds me of a barking bulldog almost ready to execute prisoners for life. Even with the two part concluding title track, you get the sense that his delivery only works on one level- brutality – and become close to fingernails on a chalkboard distracting to my full on listening experience.

And thus why "Dead Lights" doesn’t set off the total appreciation meter in my brain. Maybe as a young band they’ll mature and develop into something great- at this point though it would be hard for me to sense anything special is bubbling based on these 10 songs.