ACROSS THE SUN release first single; unveil album art for "Before The Night Takes Us"!
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Portland, Oregon’s ACROSS THE SUN recorded their Metal Blade Records debut album, Before The Night Takes Us, with producer Daniel Castleman at Lambesis Studios in San Diego, CA. The album is the culmination of seven years of recording, touring and polishing their sound. Daniel Castleman held each member to a high standard in the studio; "It was an amazing learning experience; no previous ACROSS THE SUN recording process has ever been this in depth", adds vocalist Brandon Davis. The individual performances are better than any previous ACROSS THE SUN release.

Guitarist Sam Hafer emphasizes, "This record takes everything that ACROSS THE SUN was and expands it; the musicianship, the tonal palette, the dynamics and song structure were all things we pushed into new and challenging territory. The result is the greatest body of music we have produced to date." Their performance, coupled with Castleman’s stellar mixing/mastering, produced a "big" sounding album. Everything from Davis’ clean vocals, Hafer’s guitar solos, and Murray’s keys have an engrossing and epic breadth.

Fans can now get a taste of the album via facebook.com/acrossthesun. The first single, Song for the Hopeless, is available via "Liking" their page. This first song is exemplary of the rest of the album in that it showcases ACROSS THE SUN´s musical peaks and valleys and some of their most heavy and melodic moments. Head HERE to "Like" and listen now!

Before The Night Takes Us will be available on March 11/14 in Europe.

Before The Night Takes Us track listing:
1. Tipping The Scales
2. Song for the Hopeless
3. Seasons
4. Descent & Discovery
5. Ghost of Grandeur
6. Before the Night Takes Us
7. A Moment of Clarity
8. Blessing in Disguise
9. In the Face of Adversity
10. Belay My Judgment





DARKEST ERA debuts first single "The Morrigan" on InvisibleOranges.com!
The Morrigan, the first single, and opening track from DARKEST ERA’s Metal Blade debut album, The Last Caress Of Light, is now available for streaming on the metal blog, InvisibleOranges.com. DARKEST ERA’s Ade Mulgrew notes why the song was chosen to be the first song released from the album; "The Morrigan is the opening track to the album. It’s an energetic song that grabs you by the scruff of the neck from the first crashing chord and is full of powerful drumming, Thin Lizzy-esque guitar harmonies and an infectious, epic fist in the air chorus! It sets the tone well for the rest of the album." The Morrigan is available for streaming now HERE.

The Last Caress Of Light was recorded at Foel Studios in Wales at the end of August 2010 with producer Chris Fielding. The result are eight tracks of dark, stormy, epic Celtic Metal with which mix the melancholy and atmosphere of Irish Folk with the epic might of heavy metal bands such as Warlord, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy. The album stands out from all else as a record of intense emotional power and honesty; holding the listener within a dark heavy metal storm and not letting go until the last chords have rung out.

Krum – Vocals
Ade Mulgrew – Guitar
Sarah Wieghell – Guitar
David Lindsay – Bass
Lisa Howe – Drums

The Last Caress Of Ligh will be available on February 15th via Metal Blade Records in North America, February 14th in the Europe and the UK and February 11th in the G/A/S territories.