RAHM (Melechesh) – Don’t be afraid to play

RAHM (Melechesh) – Don’t be afraid to play

(…this interview is in English…)

Rahm kaller han seg i Melechesh og i sine andre band går han under navnet Mous. Hans instrument er en fem-strengers bass som han begynte å lære å håndtere som 16-åring. Han er aktiv som musiker i både black metal og i thrash metal band, der det mest kjente er Melechesh. Han bruker både plekter og fingre og det er Steve Di Giorgio og Cliff Burton som er de store forbildene. Her er Rahm fra Melechesh i hans bidrag til The Down Below Series.


When did you start playing bass? Who/what inspired you to pick up the bass?

"I started in 1987 age 16 after watching friends playing in a band for a few years. I wanted to be a drummer and once in a while I played some drums in the band. One day my friend asked me to pick up the bass… He learned me some Metallica-riffs ("Seek and Destroy" from "Kill Em All" album). He said that I had talent to play the bass. That inspired me… So I practiced and joined the band after a few months."

What kind of role do you think the bass should have in a band; Primus, AC/DC, or a bit of both?

"Some styles ask for technique and creativity and some ask for that one tone only to make it bombastic and groovy. So it’s not "should have" but what does the song needs to make it big!" 

What would you say characterizes your bass playing, technically and musically?

"Very groovy and melodic, not to technically but tide and present, a great stage performance."

Do you have any formal music training?

"No, but I’m thinking to get some funk or jazz lessons just to keep up and have another look on music. You never stop learning as  musician.

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Any tips for developing and maintaining technique and musical creativity?

"Keep on practicing. Every day 30 minutes min. Take lessons or search for new techniques on the internet. Do crazy things when you are playing, you invent new things this way. Play along with your favourite songs and check out what other musicians do. Check out other types of music, like classic."

Tips on how to give a bass riff that extra cool sound or groove?

"For the sound you can do a lot with good gear and effect’s. For the groove, be one with the drummer, Most important is the kick."

How do you prepare for a gig?

"Just relaxing, playing bass to get warm up, stretching a bit, screaming a bit for the vocals, a few minutes by myself for concentration just before the gig and a Jack Daniels!"

How about touring, any tips on how to keep delivering through weeks on the road? 

"Good food, a good sphere on tour, some vitamins, enough sleep, not to much alcohol, stay positive, have fun!"

Is the right musical gear important for you? What kind of gear do you use?

"Of course!! You play better with good gear. I play Vigier-basses and Ampeg amplifier."


How would your dream rig look like?

"I think not too much bla bla….

For the amp: Ampeg SVT + it’s speaker,

Compressor: Digitech XBS Bass squeeze compressor pedal,

Basses: Vigier Passion custom 5 string and maybe a custom Fender or a Rickenbacker.

And a nice Martin acoustic bass guitar.

A nice wireless system."

How many strings on the bass, and why?

"5-string bass because then you have all the high and all the low."

Pick or fingers?

"I play with a pick and some parts with fingers. Both styles have their own feeling and sound."


Any tips for aspiring bass players?

"Don’t be afraid to play. Practice as much as you can day and night. Take lessons. Listen to music. Learn from You-Tube. Start or join a band. There’s a lot you can do!"

Mention three bass players within metal that has a style you like, and what you like about them.

"Steve Di Giorgio, Cliff Burton. These are THE masters. They play there own thing."

If you were to choose three bass players (not necessarily within metal) who’s inspired you, who would that be?

"Also Steve Di Giorgio, Cliff Burton. Steve for his technique and he’s obstinate, Cliff for his harmonics."

Which bass player would you like to see in this series?

"Cliff Burton but he’s gone…"