NEGATIVE PLANE – Stained Glass Revelations

NEGATIVE PLANE – Stained Glass Revelations

It’s snowing outside and I’m stuck at home with the flu, ridden with fever fantasies while watching the news on TV, only interrupted by the necessary intake of pain killers, vitamins and water to get well. Europe is once again in chaos because of snow. Slippery roads and airport drama that makes you wonder whether everyone was born yesterday. So, what the hell has that got to do with anything?

A “David Lynch-ian guitar chord” on the stereo….

Suddenly my attention is drawn away from the TV and the garbage truck outside as it’s toddling along on the ice like it was some mechanical reincarnation of Bambi. It’s getting somewhere, no doubt about that… Well, at least from where I’m standing.

…and disrupts into bleak, yet atmospheric black metal.

After a while I gaze out through the window to see where the garbage truck is at. The heavy snowfall makes the truck almost disappear, but I can still see those blinking lights, which by the way make an intriguing play with colors in my living room as they break through the window.

Sacred atmosphere and very distant, almost like sitting in the back row in some vast catholic church…

Not sure if it’s the pain killers kicking in or the weather changing, but suddenly I can see it much clearer now. It might just be the fever too. Only God knows…