ATROX – Past – Present – Future

ATROX – Past – Present – Future

(…this article is in English…)


On the 17th of December 2010 YOU should be in Trondheim. Why you ask? Simply because Norways most schizo act, ATROX, is celebrating their 20th anniversary and will throw one hell of a party. And 20 years of metal mayhem is a good cause I would say!

Atrox released their first demo "Darkness" in December 1990 and what way to celebrate is better than inviting YOU and around 400 other crazy humanoids to BLÆST and play some tunes?
Since 1990 the band has released 1 EP and 5 albums and if we are really lucky we will hear songs from all those releases. The band may even play some really old ceremonies never played live before. Maybe new ones too if we’re really really lycky…

The band will perform 2 sets this night and I am told that there will be loads of guest appearances. Who is still unknown so to find out you should be there! Reading about it later is for pussys!!!
There will also be possible to buy some limited merch from the band wich most likely is never to be seen again.


So here is what you do (if you live far away from Trondheim that is): Book a plane, train or whatever to TRONDHEIM, NORWAY. In advance you have ordered a room at Royal Garden hotel, a hotel Atrox has an arrangement with so you just say your going to the concert and you will get the room to a reduced price. Nice! More info about that on the band website. If that doesn’t work out for you I’ ll bet some trønder will borrow you his of hers couch.  And once you are here: Showtime!!!

Then you’ ll get a good nights sleep and on saturday you first go sightseeing in Trondheim. Then, when nighttime arrives you should go to cafe 3b. Cause you are hereby invited by -Vind- from Atrox to come listen to his project DRONTHEIM. A DJ who also works on the project will have a showcase around this project and it will totally be worth checking out! And since you attended Atrox the day before this will be really cheap for you… Money saved for beers!

So, as you can see this will be a weekend you surely wouldn’t miss, cause this is gonna be awesome! And oh, by the way, six cameras will there to film the whole thing and it is much cooler to be on film than not to!!!