DHG & EXHUMED til Inferno 2011

DHG & EXHUMED til Inferno 2011

Dødheimsgard and Exhumed are the two latest additions to our 2011 lineup.


Arguably Norway’s greatest Black Metal output both in terms of technical composure, origonality and brutality, DHG have been subverting the cultural psyche since 1994. The monstrous affair rendered through affixing the anti-consumist pop propagrandiose Kronet Til Konge (crafted by Vicotnik, Aldrahn and Fenriz).

After recycling and changing curious parts of the anatomy, the unfashionable debut saw its follow up a year later. With this second sonic piece of degeneration, we saw DHG shifting their fiendish behavior. The pickled remains of old indulgence (Inspirations), was brought up from the cellar floor and engineered into the second supervillain called Monumental Possession, (crafted by: Vicotnik, Aldrahn, Apollyon, and Alver).

In the year 1998, DHG took the switch to the more sordid and vile. The vile delinquents (DHG),sought to transform their unspeakable acts into the audial equivalent of psychotic behavior. Thus Satanic Art was uncovered, wrapped in plastic, (crafted by Vicotnik, Aldrahn, Apollyon, Cerberus, Magic/Logic and Galder).

The following year, DHG graduated into uncharted territory. While maintaining last year’s psychosis, the unpleasant presence of schizophrenia was added to the musical profile. 1999’s legendary 666 International album would be DHG’s last assault for a long time, and following its release, came 8 years of silence. Lurid tales tell of accidents, incarceration, perversion and daily deprivation, (crafted by Vicotnik, Aldrahn, Apollyon, Czral and Magic/Logic).

2007 marked the return of the band with their unmistakable tunes carved on vinyl and plastic. Supervillain Outcast was most correctly summed up as a metamorphosis of all their previous works, (crafted by: Vicotnik, Kvohst, Czral, Thrawn and Clandestine).

In 2010 Vicotnik studiously began work on DHG’s much anticipated new opus, coupled with plans for extensive touring throughout the world.


Re-Animated after a five-year hiatus, California’s Exhumed have returned to play their grotesque brand of Gore Metal once more. Founding member, guitarist / vocalist Matt Harvey is re-joined by longtime partner-in-grime Leon DelMuerte (bass / vocals), guitarist Wes Caley, and drummer Danny Walker. The goretet have been busy writing their next record, set to be recorded this fall for a Spring 2011 release date to coincide with an appearance at Maryland Deathfest, followed by worldwide dates during the summer and fal

Exhumed was formed in 1991 by Matt Harvey and longtime drummer Col Jones. Throughout the ensuing years, the band morphed line-ups while continuing to hone their own brand of grinding Death Metal, influenced initially by Napalm Death, Repulsion, Carcass, Carnage, Terrorizer,Impetigo, Death, Autopsy, Master, Pestilence, and other late ’80s /early ’90s underground favorites. By 1994, Exhumed had begun incorporating influences from Thrash and Crossover into their songs and the "Gore Metal" sound began to take shape with the help of bassist Matt Widener, vocalist (later bassist / vocalist) Ross Sewage, and guitarist Leon DelMuerte. In 1996 the band’s portion of the "In The Name Of Gore" split disc with Hemdale was recorded, which led to a European tour and a deal with Relapse the following year.

After founding member Col Jones and bassist / vocalist Bud Burke left the band in 2003, Exhumed enlisted drummer Danny Walker and Leon DelMuerte returned to the fold on bass and vocals. The band embarked on a rigorous touring schedule that included multiple US and European treks in addition to shows in Canada, Japan, Australia and Iceland. After Mike Beams left the band in 2005, guitarist Wes Caley was recruited along with drummer Matt Connell in 2005 to record and album’s worth of cover material titled "Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated" but that line-up disbanded after a US tour that year. A DVD that was in production at the time was also stalled. At that point, the band was put on indefinite hold until 2010, when the rotting carcass of Exhumed was, well… exhumed to begin work on their fourth full-length. April 2011 EXHUMED will give the INFERNO audience a true Gore experience!

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