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Polske death metal band vet vi alle at det finnes mange av, men det er allikevel kun de store vi kjenner best til her oppe Norge. Band som Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated og kanskje etter hvert Hate, Trauma, Sceptic og Dies Irae er nok de bandene de fleste av oss har kjennskap til. Men rundt de polske kullgruvene finnes det drøssevis med andre gode metalband, og ikke bare death metal. De fleste er av det mer ukjente slaget for oss utenfor de polske grensene, men enkelte av disse er på god vei til å skaffe seg et navn ute i den store verden. Spesielt i byen Krakow finnes det flust av band og et av disse bandene er thrash metal bandet Virgin Snatch, et band som steg opp av asken etter Death Sea for drøye 9 år siden. De har gjennomgått mange utskiftninger i line upen, men en trio bestående av trommeslager Jacko, gitarist Grysik og vokalist Zielony, har vært med hele tiden. Det er sistnevnte som har stått for svarene i dette intervjuet og innledningsvis lar vi han lose oss gjennom bandets historie med start i 2001.


Virgin Snatch was formed in 2001 as an alternative to legendary in Kraków band named Death Sea. In band’s line-up appeared many acknowledged musicians, e.g. Paweł Mąciwoda, known from Walk Away and thousands of other projects in Poland and abroad – he is currently a member of The Scorpions. In June 2002 Virgin Snatch recorded couple of demo pieces, but the line-up solidified at the beginning of 2003: Titus (Acid Drinkers) on bass, Grysik (Death Sea, Anal Stench) on guitar, Zielony (Death Sea, Anal Stench) did the entire vocals & lyrics job, and Jacko – drums. We recorded 3 full length albums (first "SUCK" was really a rehearsal) in sequence: "Art of Lying", "In The Name Of Blood" and "Act of Grace".

In 2004 Jacek Hiro (Sceptic, ex-Decapitated, Dies Irae) became band’s full-member. In such line-up Virgin Snatch recorded "Art of Lying" and performed played countless concerts with Anthrax, Slayer, Sepultura, Motorhead, Fear Factory, Helloween and many more….

Warm welcomed band just confirmed its commitment to building the metal scene and underground. Moment’s later a gorgeous gig on Przystanek Woodstock 2006 for several tens of thousands of audience and on Hunter Fest 2006 in Szczytno. The year of 2006 started with successful tour aside Behemoth (Demigod Tour Part 2).

Next album was titled significantly "In The Name of Blood" (20th Nov 2006). VS recorded professional clip to "Purge My Stain", which promoted Virgin Snatch third album on MTV, 4 Fun TV and other big media in Poland. Director of that clip is Bogumil Godfrejow, Oskar nominee in 2002… This time band played live even more: Mystic Tour – 30-day in the biggest cities in Poland, in Czech Republic – Interiff Festival and famous Masters Of Rock 2007 and in Katowice on Mystic Festival where they supported Celtic Frost and Slayer. Winter of 2007 comes with Metalfilia 2007 – the first tour with VS as a headliner! Ten gigs in the biggest cities of Poland in international company: THY DISEASE (co-headliner, Pol), RASTA (Belarus), MAHAVATAR (USA), METAL SAFARI (Japan), NONE (Pol), JLS (Spain). Beginning of 2008 is 7th Jan and Stodoła Club in Warsaw. Charity gig and kind of the best of polish metal (VADER, BEHEMOTH, FRONTSIDE, VIRGIN SNATCH) dedicated to Vitek (drummer of Decapitated who passed away in car accident) R.I.P…

In the same time VS starts working on new album – ‘Act of Grace’. The band once again has to change line-up – bassist Anioł has to leave band due to personal reasons and is replaced by Novy (ex-Behemoth, ex-Vader). In this line-up VS records their fourth long play. As always the band has a ballad on album – this one’s called ‘It’s Time’. This special song is dedicated to Vitek Kiełtyka (R.I.P.) – drummer of Decapitated. Impressive solo in the song played by his brother – Wacek Kiełtyka, who’s known in metal world as Vogg. ‘Act of Grace’ gets only positive reviews in Poland and world. Virgin Snatch starts live assault promoting new CD. Virgin Snatch tours whole Poland on ‘Act of Grace Tour’ and gives many shows with the biggest bands in country.

In 2009 Anioł was back to band replaced Novy.


How does Virgin Snatch create new music, and who are responsible for holding the strings attached?

We make music together. First: guitars riffs- this part begin guitarists: Hiro & Grysik. These rudiments of composition are creating by all band members. All vocals, lyrics and arrangement – it’s the work reserved only for me. You know, after the stuff is ready to recording, I lock myself in the studio and do not let anyone. Then just me and an engineer – we are working on vocals, writing lyrics first of course:)

The name Virgin Snatch… what is the meaning behind the name and where did it comes from?

Funny story, the meaning of the name we discovered few months after the first professional record was released. And it was so good that we did not change it even after that. I created the name of the band under the influence of Guy Richie movies. You know, I was fed up all bloody evil more or less childish names… Do not get me wrong I love metal and this is the part of my life but we did not want to be another "head of" band. There is a lot of great names like Slayer, Morbid Angel or Death that Virgin Snatch looks like different  fresh and very thrash as hell!!..  Does it? Our name consists of two words that individually do not mean anything bad. Beside this, we play fuckin’ metal, not Christmas carols!:)

In fact, we are aware of the VS in the sense of slang may shock but I know the worse names which with the success manage oneself in the world… Ok, our name is embarrassing sometimes…so we will use the first letter of the name our band. It’s means that we will use ‘VS’ instead of ‘Virgin Snatch’ in Europe, US and the rest of the world territory. I hope it will work although the music is the most important and all should begin from it!!

"Act of Grace" is your 4th full length album, how is this different from its predecessors?

"Act of Grace" has the best sound in our history and this is the most brutal stuff. I’m very satisfied with my vocals too. This album is a continuation of our style, developed in the previous albums but this stuff is more classical thrash metal and old school than "In The Name Of Blood" …We are preparing something extra on the new album  titled "Let’s Play By The Rulez"!!

What is the goal with Virgin Snatch, local stardom or world domination?

World domination of course but we are realists so we have lots of patience.

We begin to plan tour in Europe, but now we are focusing is on the eastern ride, which begins in mid-September. Together with Sadist (Ita) & Crionics (Pol) will visit Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. … It will happen!!!!

For us here in Norway there are only a few bands that come to mind when we speak about the Polish metal scene, could you please enlighten us briefly on the scene of 2010 in Poland?

We are very strong metal scene in Poland. Apart from Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated there is many really good band like Sceptic, Thy Disease, Witchmaster, Acid Drinkers, Progma-C. and many, many more. You will see same day! Remember my words J


Where do you draw your influences from both musically and non -musically?

Musically influences are in my CD’s and iPod. I love all kind of good music. You know…metal, rock, alternative, jazz and movie’s soundtracks.

Non-musically inspiration I’ll take from world reality. Look around: politics, war… 

When you write lyrics, what if any, is the core essence of those lyrics?

VS’s lyrics is a political discussions about what is happening around us. Defiance of the politico-governmental reality, bad law, religion or moral depravity. You know, I feel responsible for what I write and to whom. I respect my audience in equal measure when it comes to music and lyrics

Do you know anything about the Norwegian metal scene apart from the history of Black Metal?

Black metal is the most famous expression form of metal from Norway but Pamiat bands like ‘Molested’ or ‘Groms’. Old beautiful times….:)

Alright, thank you for your time; now is your chance to leave any final words of wisdom for our readers.

Let me quote myself:

We were made to defend

The resistance does not have the sense

Our pain will never die

Stay to fight on my command!