Vår dyktige fotograf Francesca Tullio, bedre kjent under pseudonymet Red Art, møtte Emilie Autumn i februar i år. Anledningen var en konsert som ble holdt på Subscene og Francesca hadde avtalt å møte henne i forkant av konserten for en prat. Nå ble dette intervjuet lengre enn først antatt og det ble ikke tid til å gjøre alt i Oslo, og deler av intervjuet ble besvart via e-mail. I denne andre og siste delen er det i tillegg en del spørsmål fra norske fans til madamen.


In the past you did perform in "America's Sweetheart" album by Courtney Love. In the 90ies bands as Hole, Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill and some other where a part of the underground feminist movement "Riot Grrrls"…. Do you think about yourself as a "Riot Grrrl" too?

I've never thought about it, actually. I suppose that I simply feel there's no reason to be underground about feminism or any of the things I talk/sing about and stand for, so I think the only title I can relate to is that of a strong woman who isn't afraid to tell the truth anymore.

Your shows make me remember a lot about Alice in Wonderland book. Do you get inspired by this book?

While the Asylum show depicts a whole world of its own, I do, as you probably know, have a very personal connection with Alice's world, being related to the real Alice Liddel through my mother's side. There are a lot of girls who fall down rabbit holes in my not too distant ancestry.


About Alice in Wonderland: soon will be on cinema screen the new movie of Tim Burton. Tim Burton is the most famous film director in the Goth scene, but I did read on an interview that you don't like "Nightmare before Christmas", anyway, do you like something else that Tim Burton's has made?

I've actually got no problem with Tim Burton's work — I think he employs some brilliant cinematographers.

It's good that you want to keep contact with your fans by receiving them after concert to sign autographs and speaking with them. I think is good to be not "only" an IDOL, but be close to your fans. Thanks for it! But yesterday there was not signing session after the show, why?

My schedule has become increasingly hectic with each tour, and we often have to leave immediately after the shows in order to get to the next city on time. But, more importantly, I give the audience a two-and-a-half hour performance every single night, plus an "Asylum…" book reading beforehand, and there is truly only so much one human being is capable of accomplishing on a nightly basis without ending up hospitalized, which I am in fact right now, due to the insane schedule I'm talking about.

I want also to thank you (together with all the Norwegian Muffins) for your support and the happiness that you bring in our hearts when you come to perform live. Everyone agree with me about the joy to use "bad energies" to create something artistic and make present to you too. Thanks.

Absolutely, and thank you and all Norwegian Muffins for sharing in this life-altering experience for me. Together we are transforming straw into gold, and it is an amazing thing to behold the way we all work together for the greater good of each other. I have never seen another fan base that does anything like this. My Muffins have elevated "spreading the Plague" to an art, and I am immensely proud of them all.


The rest of the questions are from selective Norwegian Muffins.

What you did the evening before the concert in Oslo? (A few Muffins was curious to know how you expended your evening when you don't have any concert).

I am usually occupied in washing my socks and bloomers in the sink of whatever hotel my girls and crew and I have taken over. Nothing is quite as glamorous as it seems… But then all of the Crumpets and I crawl in bed together, so I can't complain.

What do you think about Lady Gaga? (Someone think that Lady Gaga can copy your style…)

I believe I know the specific incident to which the Muffins are referring to, and all I can say is that I've only been pushed by this to rock the fuck out of everything I do even more. 


With what kind religion did you grow up, and what religion (or philosophy) do you follow now?

I did not grow up with any religion in particular, and I have a strong dislike for organized religion in general, as everyone I think knows (I even talk about is on stage).

Why did you choose to be vegan and what is your point of view about animal rights and environment?

Veganism appeals to me on both moral and health levels, and I am more than passionate about animal rights. I am especially fighting against testing on rats, and am striving every day to educate the public on how truly wonderful these animals really are. Rats are more than just pests and snake food. 

What do you think about "Repo! The genetic opera"?

I know nothing about it, to be perfectly honest. When I'm busy writing and touring, I live in a bit of a cave sometimes.


How did you find your Crumpets? How did you get in contact with them and how did you choice them to be a part of your shows?

EA: We find each other, actually. There is no method, no auditions; we simply find each other through sheer magic, karma, and the magnetic pull of one crazy girl to another. Crumpets are born, not made.

Do you have something to tell about "Liar" video?

Only that it will take you inside the Asylum to an area you can't possibly imagine…