ELIXIR til Metal Merchants 2011

ELIXIR til Metal Merchants 2011

Cheers, friends!



It is with great pride we now announce English veterans ELIXIR for Metal Merchants Festival 2011. Celebrating the 25th anniversary for their classic 1986 album "The Son of Odin", and celebrating visiting the land of the vikings, the album will be played in its entirety in Oslo on this occation. And if that's not special enough for you, we can inform that the bands lineup is the same now as it were then. We are for sure looking forward to this, and we have a feeling some of you might enjoy this just as much.

Alongside the bands already announced, we assure you that we have some very interesting names in the progress, which you will be informed of as soon as everything is confirmed.

So this is how it shapes up so far, and we're not even halfway on the poster!


So there's no reason to hesitate, but get your tickets for METAL MERCHANTS FESTIVAL 28th and 29th of january 2011 at http://www.billettservice.no or in English http://www.billettservice.no/?language=en&l=EN&tm_link=tm_homeA_header_lang2

We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

Best regards from the The Sons of Odin; Sigurd, Ronny and Stian