THE HAUNTED avlyser kveldens konsert på Karmøygeddon

THE HAUNTED avlyser kveldens konsert på Karmøygeddon

Tonights performance in Norway cancelled

We are very sorry to announce that Haunted's performance @ Karmöygeddon festival tonight is cancelled. It's been a week glued to the TV news channels checking status of the volcanic ash cloud and flights affected. Yesterday, it finally seemed to clear up and many airports re-opened.
However, we found out this morning that some of our flights were cancelled which left us no other option than to cancel tonights performance.
We are of course very sorry about this, and hope for your understanding.

However, we have heard from the festival that the festival will definately happen. The headliners ARCH ENEMY and ENSIFERUM are confirmed, and so are most of the norwegian bands.
Be sure to check Karmöygeddon's facebook page for updates.
Be sure to support the festival and make it into a great event.

We will be back in Norway soon. If you live nearby Oslo, we have a show on May 15:th (Garage)

Sincerely The Haunted