METAL MERCHANTS 2011 med 3 navn

METAL MERCHANTS 2011 med 3 navn

First of all, we'd like to thank everyone that attended this years festival, and hope you all enjoyed it just as much as we did. Once again, the response was overwhelming, and even though we're still paying the last few bills, we feel that we owe the audience another edition filled with classic heavy metal of all kinds.

On that note, we're now ready to announce the first three bands on the bill for 2011, and the festival will be held at John Dee one more time, and the dates are January 28th and 29th. Tickets will be on sale very soon, and we will of course let you know the exact date for this. Remember that only 350 tickets will be on sale, if we should be so lucky that we sell all.

But that's not why you're reading this, is it? What we all care for, is what great acts Metal Merchants Festival 2011 will present. Without further hesitation, we're proud to welcome:

JAGUAR (UK) – As many of you already know, mr. Garry Peppard will bring his legendary NWOBHM act JAGUAR to Oslo. Since the start in 1979 JAGUAR has become a household name for those of us interested in classic metal, not least with the infinite classic album "Power Games".

ASOMVEL (UK) – Even though ASOMVEL has been around for many years, it was not until 2009 their first full length "Kamikaze" hit the shelfs. Although there are many ways to describe bands, there is only one description, or rather comparasion that fully fits the energy and rawness of ASOMVEL, namely this: Imagine Motörhead still with Fast Eddie. This is the closest you get! Beer glasses will be held high as ASOMVEL enters the stage in Oslo in January.

SOLSTICE (UK) – This is a god damned treat! Over 20 years has gone since Englands finest in epic doom metal raised their flag for the first time, and when they're now back again, heavier than ever, there's no reason why we shouldn't invite Rich Walkers battleship of doom to these shores. Nothing less than magic is expected!

We know this is an awesome start to yet another brilliant festival, and hope that you all understand that with Metal Merchants, there are no compromise. It's fucking quality or death!

Ronny Rapture, Cimmerian Sigurd and Stian the Fox