A Blaze in the Nortern Sky – detaljer (HITS)

A Blaze in the Nortern Sky – detaljer (HITS)

Hole in the Sky X is closing in fast. We give you the lowdown of the spectacular anniversary concert that is set to close the Friday night proceedings. Hosted by the mighty Enslaved.

Formed in the heydays of the Norwegian extreme metal scene, Enslaved has been a constant and pioneering force for 18 years.

http://www.holeinthesky.no/2009/images/2009/enslaved/enslaved200x297.jpgTheir history can be divided into three "phases":

  1. "The early years" 1991-1996: closest to the Black Metal scene, from the EP "Hordanes Land" to the second album "Frost"
  2. "The middle years" 1997-2002: experimental and extremely varied, from 3rd LP "Eld" to "Monumension"
  3. "Present Enslaved" 2003-present: a synthesis of the roots and the new elements; Enslaved has created a sound and a scene of its own, from "Below the Lights" to "Vertebrae"

The "A Blaze in the Northern Sky" show will reflect these periods and will have the following setup:

  • Part one: "Present Enslaved" The band will be presenting a cross section of songs from "Below The Lights", "Isa", "Ruun", and "Vertebrae".
  • Part two: "Hordanes Land" – for the first time in history, the legendary "Hordanes Land" EP (also released as a split-CD with Emperor) will be performed in its entirety – with Emperor members Samoth (guitar) and Trym (drums), who also played drums for Enslaved in this period, as guest musicians.
  • Part three: "Roots" – this final part will feature Enslaved performing songs from the formative period, in other words, their influences in the early 90s – featuring the front men from the original bands as guest vocalists:

L.G. from Entombed, Attila from Mayhem, and the man himself: Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone.

http://www.holeinthesky.no/2009/images/2009/enslaved/enslaved180x240.jpgNocturno will also be performing on a world premiere of an exclusive Enslaved song written specially for the occasion of celebrating Enslaved's extreme roots. This song will be the A-side of a 7" EP strictly limited to 500 copies to be released after the performance; more news on this will follow. The show will be concluded with a grandiose surprise song where all the aforementioned singers will team up with Enslaved and ex-Emperor drummer Faust to make sure this goes down in history in flames.

Enslaved singer, Grutle:

"This is going to be a night to remember. We are sharing the stage with some artists of great importance to the creation of extreme metal, some people that really made the difference and last but not least; some of our greatest friends. We are deeply honored. And, to fans of the greatest metal festival in the world; let's together give HITS the 10th birthday party they deserve. Horns up!"