SKITLIV til Season of Mist

SKITLIV til Season of Mist


Season of Mist is very happy to welcome back former MAYHEM frontman Maniac to the roster via the man's new black/doom band SKITLIV!

Together with members of SKITLIV, Maniac will be present at a listening session at this year's Inferno Festival in Oslo, which will showcase "Skandinavisk Misantropi". The album will receive its first public hearing this Thursday, April 9th, at 20:30 in the "Anneks" room of the Rockefeller venue, where attendees at the Inferno Festival will be able to meet Maniac and the guys.

Around Maniac, SKITLIV's line-up includes SHINING's Niklas Kvarforth on guitars and backing vocals, and Ingvar on guitars. "Skandinavisk Misantropi" also features performances by Tore Moren (JORN, CARNIVORA, ex ARCTURUS) on bass, Dag Otto (HAUST) on drums, and guest vocal appearances from, amongst others, Attila (MAYHEM), David Tibet (CURRENT 93) and Gaahl (GOD SEED, TRELLDOM, GAAHLSKAGG, WARDRUNA).

Commenting on the new album, the often-controversial frontman says: "'Skandinavisk Misantropi' has been a long time in coming, but that's the way I work. I had no intention of letting it appear until the result satisfied me personally". In respect of his signing with Season of Mist, he goes on to say: "I had never lost touch with the guys at Season of Mist after I left MAYHEM, and when they said they were interested in releasing my new album, it seemed very natural to continue working with them".

SKITLIV's debut full-length album "Skandinavisk Misantropi" will be released on the label later this year.