NINE INCH NAILS til Roskilde

NINE INCH NAILS til Roskilde

Nine Inch Nails to Roskilde

Trent Reznor's visit this summer may be the last chance of experiencing the trendsetting industrial rock act.

It is not Wednesday yet – but Roskilde Festival simply cannot wait to get this one out. The festival has excellent news for all fans of night-black industrial rock, and is extra pleased to be able to present this act as it may the last chance.

NINE INCH NAILS (US) have taken the cold and mechanic stylistic features from industrial and passed them on to more wide-ranging rock. The undisputed front man Trent Reznor has added choruses, pop riffs and emotional lyrics to a traditionally clinical music genre – resulting in millions of sold records. The latest and – according to Reznor himself – perhaps last album from Nine Inch Nails is called The Slip. It is available for download free of charge on the band's own website – as a token of appreciation from a popular artist to his devoted fans.

See you on Wednesday…
The announcements have started early this week. Roskilde Festival looks forward to sharing even more acts with everyone on Wednesday.