THE MARS VOLTA til Roskilde

THE MARS VOLTA til Roskilde

Music in all kinds of colours to Roskilde

Fever Ray, Fleet Foxes, The Mars Volta and Den Sorte Skole are this week's new acts.

In true Roskilde spirit, this week's announcement offers a mixed music package. Whether the audience is into nightly electro, grandiose vocal harmonies, far out instrumental jams or intense genre mixtures, there is something in store for most.

FEVER RAY (S) is a new project by Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half of The Knife. Her solo project continues the style from the sibling duo's Silent Shout – eerie and atmospheric electro that can almost make snowdrop flowers and other heralds of spring wither.

FLEET FOXES (US) offers Beach Boys-like vocal harmonies combined with rustic folk music from long before the world was out of joint. The Seattle band is one of the most critically appraised young acts today, and they are played everywhere – from small alternative cafes to giant London megastores. Fans of gorgeous, acoustic pop music should not miss out on this.

THE MARS VOLTA (US) consists of some of the members from now-defunct post-hardcore band At the Drive-In. But this band draws just as much on Pink Floyd, Santana and improvised jazz music. Their live concerts are famous for being a psychedelic tour de force where the Americans prove their technical and musical mastery. Unfortunately, the eight men strong band had to cancel when they were last on the programme in 2005. Therefore, Roskilde Festival is happy to finally present them again in 2009.

DEN SORTE SKOLE (DK) mixes everything from Turkish traditional songs and Indian hymns to hip hop and dubstep in their own explosive hotchpotch. The concert at Roskilde Festival offers new twisted and surprising style mixtures from the vinyl lovers who were responsible for one of last year's greatest pop-up experiences at Roskilde Skate. This year they deserve to be part of the official programme.