HITS slipper de 3 første bandene (Voivod, Aura Noir & Portrait)

HITS slipper de 3 første bandene (Voivod, Aura Noir & Portrait)


10 years of pure metal mayhem!


HOLE IN THE SKY presents VoiVod, Aura Noir and Portrait


Event: Hole in the Sky – Bergen Metal Fest X

Date: 26.08. – 29.08

Location: Bergen, Norway



10 years, who would have thought that when the festival first started as tribute to our late friend Erik Brødreskift.  Sporting various outfits from the highly acclaimed metal scene of Bergen, Norway, the immediate success of the event created a spark that has evolved into massive annual celebration of the metal genre. It’s been a fantastic ride with a string of unforgettable concert experiences, including the jam packed club show with seminal death metal legends Morbid Angel, 8 year old kids going completely bonkers in the circle pit during the Municipal Waste all ages show, a totally overwhelmed Glen Danzig, the incredible Bathory tribute featuring legends of the Norwegian black metal scene, and not to forget an at the time unknown Gojira crushing the audience to shreds. The list goes on and on.


But one can’t rely on past glories only, so we thought we should kick of the our 10 year anniversary with announcing a few gems for the coming Hole in the Sky festival. It is with great pride, honour and joy we can announce the living thrash legends VoiVod alongside Norwegian riffmasters Aura Noir and Sweden’s shooting heavy metal stars, Portrait.


VoiVod has been a pioneering force within the thrash metal scene since the heydays in the mid 80’s and has even counted ex Metallica bass player Jason Newsted in their ranks. The Canadian heroes are well known for their groundbreaking approach to the genre, setting new bench marks for an entire movement  and literarily influencing hundreds of bands following their path.


Says the organizers: VoiVod is coming to Bergen, how great is that? Voivod, the inventors of disharmonious psychedelic trash metal, have been an immense influence on the modern metal scene. The impact of their scary and catchy soundscapes on Norwegian Extreme Metal is often underrated in my eyes. Listen to Virus, listen to "De Mysteriis…", to any era-Enslaved or whatever – VoiVod's there, lurking and rule-breaking.– Ivar Peersen.


Aura Noir is another well known favourite of the festival. Having released one of the best albums of 2008 “Hades Rise”, we’re more than happy to welcome back Norway’s masters of old school thrash.

Comments Aura Noirs Apollyon: “Aura Noir´s third performance at the Hole In The Sky will be a very special one, both for the band and the audience. Aggressor will be ringside for the first time in his life, whilst Jehmod (Bloodthorn) is filing in on drums. This will also be the second time we´re playing with VoiVod. Last time we were an annoying local support in Oslo, 1997. But the band still found it worthwhile to watch our set. Aura Noir are huge fans of VoiVod, there´s extremely little doubt about that. I´m counting on Hole In The Sky presenting another year with a knock- out program, crushing most other indoor festivals out there. Wir freuen uns!”


Swedens Portrait is on the verge of something really big. Their Mercyful Fate influenced occult heavy metal is spreading like wildfire in the underground, boosted by their already classic debut album “Portrait”.


Hole in the Sky will take place the 26th – 29th of August 2009. All though be ware of related activities around the official festival dates.



Tickets on sale via www.ticketmaster.no on Wednesday 04.02.09


See www.holeinthesky.no  for updated information.


About the festival:

·         Founded in memory of late Erik “Grim” Brødreskift (Immortal, Gorgoroth, Borknagar)

·         First annual metal festival in Norway ever.

·         All previous festivals completely sold out.

·         Hailed as the one of the best metal events by journalists of Terrorizer and German Metal Hammer in their yearly poll.

·         Achieved two-page spread, raving reviews in magazines such as Metal Hammer UK, Metal Hammer (Ger), Kerrang!, Terrorizer, Legacy.

·         Previously headlined by bands such as Carcass(UK), Testament (US), Danzig (US), Celtic Frost(CH), Exodus (US),Morbid Angel (US), Sodom (Ger), Opeth (S), Napalm Death (UK), Mayhem, Obituary (US),  Kreator (Ger), Immortal, Destruction (Ger), Paul Di’Anno (UK), Impaled Nazarene (Fin), Samael (CH) and Satyricon.


Web: www.holeinthesky.no