Absolutt siste nytt fra Bergen

Absolutt siste nytt fra Bergen


Helheim is finaly out with their follow-up to the critically acclaimed “The Journeys and Experiences of Death”. Their sixth album is titled “Kaoskult” and contains 9 tracks of dark viking metal. To mark the release, the band made an exclusive acoustic live appearance in Klosteret kindergarten in their hometown of Bergen. Here they also taught the children about the ways of the old Norse beliefs.

                They played for the oldest kids in the kindergarten, and the response was fantastic! The kids were introduced to several stories from Norse Mythology by Odin himself (greatly impersonated by Rolf Royce of Hellhikers who did guest vocalist for the event). Helheim have a genuine wish to spread the knowledge of Norse Mythology, and there is no better place to start than with the young children.


Hrymr was able to explain the reason for this event into a single sentence: "We need to let Metal and Odin catch the kids before Jesus does!".


For photos and links to videos of the event check www.helheim.com



Helheim have of course not forgotten about the older kids who like a good beer to their live music. Thus Helheim will host a release party at Hinsides in Bergen on Friday 30’Th of May. This will be a special concert involving guest vocalists Rolf Royce (Hellhikers) and Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Vulture industries/Black Hole Generator), who also appear on the record Kaoskult.



Dark Essence and Karisma Records have entered into cooperation with Arts Pages for the digital distribution of both labels full respective catalogues. This means all our titles will be available on iTunes, Play Digital, CDON, Rhapsody and many other platforms upon release. Our whole back catalogue is out at this time.



Vulture Industries endorsements

Tor Helge Gjengedal, drummer for Norwegian avant-garde industrialists VULTURE INDUSTRIES has signed an endorsement deal with Masterwork Cymbals.  Commented the drummer: “I’m more than happy to be endorsed by Masterwork Cymbals, they have an exciting assortment and I’m very much looking forward to playing on them.  All drummers know how expensive it is to play our chosen instrument, and it really feels good to know that a cracked cymbal doesn’t mean I’m going to be broke for the next month. A big thanks to Masterwork for giving me the opportunity to work with them.  Now I can use the money for dope and prostitutes instead!”


Bergen-based VULTURE INDUSTRIES recently finished a tour with label-mates HELHEIM, and German Black Metallers DARK FORTRESS, and are currently looking to tour again, covering the countries that they couldn’t get to the first time around.  Vocalist and producer Bjornar Nilsen admitted to having signed for another, and somewhat unusual endorsement deal in which the band, known for appearing on stage in dapper suits and ties, will have their clothing hand made by a local tailor; “It’s something we’re very grateful for, the touring, and the fast food (not to mention the beer) was playing havoc with the fit of our current stage outfits”.


Tracks from Vulture Industries album “The Dystopia Journals” can be heard on the band’s MySpace page at www.myspace.com/vultureindustries.

the batallion confirmed for festivals

Our old-school thrashers, The Batallion, consisting of past and present members of Old Funeral, Borknagar, Taake, Grimfist and Bömbers, have been booked for several European festivals this summer and are ready to spread their gospels of masculinity to the masses.


Confirmed dates are:

10.05.08 Festung Open Air – GER

01.08.08 Lost Weekend Festival – NOR



For updates check: www.myspace.com/thebatallion666




Taake will be doing a mini-tour through Holland this coming June. Support-bands on the tour are Cirith Gorgor, Winter of Sin


The dates are as follows:

06.06.08 De Azijnfabriek – Roermond, HOL

07.06.08 Romein  – Leeuwarden – HOL 

08.06.08 De Kade – Zaandam – HOL                                                                                 Check out: www.myspace.com/tnbmtaake



Check out the guest appearance by Iscariah on the track "Hail Hail to the Hangman" by Aussie cult band Atomizer exclusively on myspace: www.myspace.com/atomizer666


Jason Healey from Atomizer in turn contributed on the Dead To This World album “First Strike For Spiritual Renewance” where he wrote lyrics for two songs.


Iscariah also recently announced the full and permanent Dead To This World line-up:

Iscariah – Supreme Necromancer of the Apocalypse

Kvitrafn – Drums of War

Divra Xul – 6 stringed Genocide of Infernal Slaughter

Thurzur – Black God of Infamous Circle


Check out Dead To This World on myspace:





RAVENCULT will embark on the Summer Rituals 2008 tour, opening for KRISIUN and ROTTING CHRIST. The tour schedule is as follows:


18.06.2008 (GER) Crailsheim / Eiche

22.06.2008 (SP) Meliana / Durango

23.06.2008 (SP) Almeria / Sala Genesis

24.06.2008 (SP) Sevilla / Sala Q

25.06.2008 (POR) Porto / Porto Rio

26.06.2008 (SP) Vigo / Fabrica de Chocolate

27.06.2008 (SP) Santander / Artmusic


For more info check: www.myspace.com/ravencultbm


Current Releases:


helheim – kaoskult

The sixth album from one of Norway’s oldest and most revered viking metal bands, Helheim, offers a new side to the band. You have never heard Helheim so epic, dark and diverse before, and the band has progressed a lot since the celebrated album, “The Journeys And The Experiences Of Death” from 2006.

 Musically, this time Helheim focuses more on the monumental and epic versus speed and brutality. You can also expect more progressive and experimental part s this time, and the return of former member Lindheim is contributing on keyboards. There’s also guest vocals from Marius Lynghjem (Corvine), Royce (HellHikers) and Bjørnar Nilsen (Vulture Industries) who also produced the album.


"Kaoskult" describes the energy and force that lies behind the Northern creation. It describes everything from the vast emptiness to the creative energy through different uses of symbols. The band has also returned to Norwegian lyrics again, which really sets the atmosphere on the album.


“Kaoskult” is the definite epic masterpiece from Helheim!




Release date: 21.04.08



5/6 Scream Magazine         8/10 Sweden Rock Magazine

4/5 Kerrang!                         8/10 Terrorizer Magazine



the batallion – stronghold of men

All right! The Batallion was founded in Bergen, Norway in the summer of 2006. All members are well established metalhead musicians who have played in some of the most legendary bands from Norway, like Old Funeral, Grimfist, Taake, Borknagar, Bombers etc. The reason for starting The Batallion was the pure hunger for the spirit of the old metal feel. They possess the guts, the rebellion and the authenticity it takes to perform this music.

In December of 2006 they had 4 tracks ready and entered Conclave Studio in Bergen to record their debut EP. After considering offers from a few labels, they decided to release it under their own label, Masculin Records. It resulted in being booked at the Hole In The Sky Festival and the Inferno Festival. The Batallion entered Conclave Studio with producer Bart Schlagermeister (Bjørnar E. Nilsen) again in November 2007, and proceeded to record their first full length album. The quality of the material lead to a record contract with the Bergen based label Dark Essence Records.

The album is entitled "Stronghold Of Men" and contains 11 tracks of no compromise shredding toughness! The Batallion means business. Once you've experienced them, there is no return. This is the real deal. BEWARE THE ATTACK!!!




Release date: 21.04.08



8/10 Sweden Rock Magazine

5/6 Scream Magazine

8/10 Metal Hammer UK



3’rd album from this Belgian black metal band.

Recorded at Endarker Studio (Sweden) and features guest vocals from Mortuus (Marduk/Funeral Mist). This is black metal at its blackest!




Release date: 24.03.08



85/100 Aardschok

8/10 Northern Metal



Strictly limited 7" with tracks from one of Taake's rare concerts in their hometown Bergen. Featuring 3 classic tracks and one Darkthrone cover. Get it from our webshop now!




Release date: 03.03.08



Touring/Upcoming Shows


The Batallion

10.05.08 – ger      Festung Open Air

01.08.08 – nor     Lost Weekend Festival

24.08.08 – fra      LA FERME DU ROCK FESTIVAL


Dead to This World

28.08.08 – NOR    HOLE IN THE SKY



30.o5.08         NOR            Bergen @ Hinsides

13.06.08         NOR            Bergen @ 1880

07.02.09         NOR            Oslo @ Club Maiden



18.06.08         GER            Crailsheim / Eiche

22.06.08         SP                Meliana / Durango

23.06.08         SP                Almeria / Sala Genesis

24.06.08         SP                Sevilla / Sala Q

25.06.08         POR            Porto / Porto Rio

26.06.08         SP                Vigo / Fabrica de Chocolate

27.06.08         SP                Santander / Artmusic



06.06.08         HOL            De Azijnfabriek – Roermond, HOL

07.06.08         HOL            Romein  – Leeuwarden – HOL 

08.06.08        HOL            De Kade – Zaandam – HOL