FUNERAL og Indie

FUNERAL og Indie


Indie Recordings is proud to announce the signing of the masters of doom, Funeral.


With three albums and an EP under their belt FUNERAL has grown to be one of the leading doom bands in Europe. Having sold more than 8000 copies of their previous album "From These Wounds" on TABU Recordings its no doubt FUNERAL will make an impact on the metal scene this fall. FUNERAL is by many considered to be the founding fathers of the sub genre Funeral-Doom. They are known to push the limits, and on their next album they will once again challenge the genre by adding complex brass and string arrangements. We at Indie Recordings are extremely proud to have this very credible band on our rooster. We look forward to what we know will be a dark, dark cooperation!


The album will be available both as a regular CD and VINYL but also in a very exclusive limited edition DIGIPACK with a bonus DVD.


In a press statement the band comments the signing and the upcoming album:


Funeral are thankful towards Indie Recordings for taking the chance to release our miserable dirges. The band are looking forward to work with this up and coming Norwegian label for future releases. Hopefully this does not ruin our funereal underground touch. The Funeral-march towards the never ending evenfall continues.






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