WHITESNAKE releaseparty i Oslo (17/4)

WHITESNAKE releaseparty i Oslo (17/4)

Mandag 21. april slipper Whitesnake sitt første studioalbum på 11 år, ”Good To Be Bad”.

Torsdag 17. april er det releaseparty på John Dee og vi inviterer til eksklusiv forhåndslytting med giveaways til de første. Dørene åpner kl 20:00. Fri adgang. 18 år leg.






01.       Best Years                                5:16

02.       Can You Hear The Wind Blow     5:02

03.       Call On Me                                5:01

04.       All I Want All I Need                  5:42

05.       Good To Be Bad                        5:13

06.       All For Love                              5:14

07.       Summer Rain                            6:15

08.       Lay Down Your Love                  6:01

09.       A Fool In Love                           5:14

10.       Got What You Need                   4:14

11.       `Til The End Of Time                 5:32




David Coverdale:          Vocals              (ex-Deep Purple)

Doug Aldrich:                Guitars             (ex-Dio, ex-Lion, ex-Hurricane)

Reb Beach:                   Guitars             (Winger, ex-Dokken, ex-Night Ranger)

Uriah Duffy:                  Bass                 (ex-Christina Aguilera, ex-Travers/Appice)

Timothy Drury:              Keyboards        (ex-Don Henley, ex-Stevie Nicks)

Chris Frazier:                Drums              (ex-Steve Vai, ex-Edgar Winter)



12.06. NO-Oslo – Sentrum Scene



Back in the mid-1990s, ‘Kerrang!’ voted David Coverdale the ‘Last Great Rock Star’. In view of an ever-volatile music market which has come up with countless new wannabe stars who still owe us proof of their historical significance, this accolade means more than ever. Fact is that Coverdale is an exceptional musician with a career that spans the past, the present and the future, and since 1978, his band, Whitesnake, has been the perfect vehicle to transport his musical inspirations. 21 April 2008/ Europe –  22 April / USA & Canada will see the arrival of the brand-new Whitesnake album Good To Be Bad, a masterpiece consisting of eleven songs and featuring all the important trademarks of the band, as well as a fresh breeze courtesy of Coverdale’s fantastic voice and current line-up. Good To Be Bad is pure and unadulterated Whitesnake, a classy recording that really doesn’t require a more detailed description.

His fans have waited almost eleven years for the release of a new studio album. Years in which numerous rumours about Whitesnake’s future made the rounds. Coverdale always had the right answers: First of all he put together a new, hungry line-up and sparked excitement among his fans with a triumphant world tour. “The musicians I’m working with and the positive response from the people who come to see us and support us have inspired and motivated me to get back in the saddle and write and record new songs for the first time in many years.” Consequently, he set about producing a new album which consists of eight great rock tracks plus three ballads, while sounding even more homogeneous and powerful than his previous release, Restless Heart. “I feel Restless Heart was more like a Coverdale solo album, which is how it started, until EMI told me they wanted it to be a Whitesnake record,” Coverdale explains the situation in which his 1997 release came together. “So we had to juggle it around to try and ‘Snake it up, whereas Good To Be Bad is most definitely a Whitesnake record from beginning to end.”

The new album sounds so unmistakably, typically Whitesnake. “For me, the heart and soul of Whitesnake remains the same. How could it not? It is and has always been very precious to me. As a musical vehicle, it helps me express myself, and hopefully, it’s the same for the musicians who work under its creative umbrella. It’s also an anti-aging serum for me!”

Doug Aldrich covers a key position in the current Whitesnake line-up. The exceptionally gifted guitarist and songwriter has consolidated his position as a perfect partner for Coverdale and is well represented on Good To Be Bad. “Doug and I found it very natural to write together from the beginning, relatively effortless and fun”, Coverdale praises his musical collaborator, emphasizing Aldrich’s contribution to the recording as a whole: “It’s a 50/50 collaboration on the songs. He’s a very gifted individual. He also helped to engineer and mix the record, so he was involved from the very beginning of the project to the end. That is something that has never happened before. He’s very caring and passionate about what he does, and thank goodness, his passion includes Whitesnake. Doug brings such an incredible energy and urgency to Whitesnake that it helps stretch the boundaries much further, without compromising the original attitude.”

So it’s no surprise that Good To Be Bad has turned into more than a terrific album, but is without doubt one of the best releases in this band’s long history. “For me, it has all the elements, all the ingredients that I enjoy about Whitesnake”, says Coverdale. “It’s a very solid, muscular, melodic rock record with a couple of fine ballads, so there’s a little tenderness when the moment calls for it, and of course the ballads help balance out the chest beaters! I find it a very complete piece of work, actually. It covers a lot of musical ground, a positive chapter in the Book Of Whitesnake.”

An important part of this chapter is of course Coverdale’s unique vocal timbre. His voice suits the material on Good To Be Bad perfectly, be it the rock track ‘All For Love’, ‘Lay Down Your Love’ with its electrifying gutsy riff which brings to mind that glorious Coverdale/Page era, or the inspired ballads ‘All I Want All I Need’ and ‘Summer Rain’. “I’m able to sing from a whisper to a scream,” Coverdale explains, “with all points in between, very comfortably. We also tried some new musical keys for me to sing in, which made it very fresh, interesting and fun.”

Every note speaks of the fun that the Whitesnake musicians had at the studio. The conditions could hardly have been better, because together with Coverdale and Aldrich, Michael McIntyre, a long-standing friend, was involved as a co-producer. And then, of course, there was the band’s outstanding line-up. Says Coverdale: “I’d say if there was any influence it would be all the previous elements that have come together to make what is Whitesnake, coupled with the very welcome fresh injection from Doug, Chris Frazier, Timothy Drury, Uriah Duffy and Reb Beach. Chris has brought a very Paicey feeling back to the band. He swings, grooves, rocks and rolls, a very pleasing foundation to build from. Whitesnake’s got its groove back!”

Which they’re set to prove on their extensive European tour (alongside Def Leppard in the UK as co-headlining act) from June 2008. “We will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Whitesnake with kick-arse live shows, featuring songs from a new studio album, which, by the way, is our 10th studio record. There will be much fun to be had by all. Don’t miss out on the party! And Let’s Get Rocked In The Still Of The Night.”