HITS fortsetter å slippe band

HITS fortsetter å slippe band

De  første bandene til årets Hole in the Sky Fstival i Bergen er som kjent CARCASS, PRIMORDIAL, ASPHYX, POSSESSED og SADISTIC INTENT. I dag slapp de 3 band til, der alle 3 blir å finne på Garage under klubbdagene. De 3 nye bandene er TOXIC HOLOCAUST, TYRANT og LOBOTOMIZED. Dette ligger an til å bli tidenes metalfestival i Norge…



It's a new week boys and girls, so we thought we'd give you a few names set to play the club dates at the Garage. Toxic Holocaust, Tyrant and Lobotomized are three mighty fine names we're extremely proud and happy to have on board. Check out their myspace pages for snipets. Warning: We all know it's Monday but we reckon it might be hard to stay sober if you do so. Have a nice week. Cheers!

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