Siste nytt fra Metal Mind Productions

Siste nytt fra Metal Mind Productions

Metal Mind Productions presents a long awaited release of the debut album by Pyorrhoea, one of the most promising Polish bands. "Desire For Torment" includes 14 songs of pure death grind carnage which sound like ‘Napalm Death meets Terrorizer'. Beware: Pyorrhoea takes no prisoners!
The band was founded in the middle of 2001 by two friends: Cyprian and Andy Blakk. After a couple of months, Daray and Analripper joined the band. In June 2002 Pyorrhoea entered Hertz studio to record their promo material, which contained nearly 15 minutes of intense death/grind. November 2002 witnessed a slight change in the line-up: new guitarist A.D. Gore joined the band. In this new improved line-up the band was finally ready to start working on the material for their debut full-length album – "Desire for Torment". The album was recorded in Hertz studio again. The result of that session was 14 artful brutal death/grind tracks which will satisfy even the most demanding fan of extreme metal.  

"Desire for Torment" will be available on 4th February in Europe and 15th April in USA (via MVD)  

"Desire For Torment"

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0583
Barcode: 5907785031708
Format: CD
Genre: death metal
Release date: 04.02.2008 Europe / 15.04.2008 USA  

1. Slave
2. Excrements On Your Face
3. Masskill Symptom
4. Bondage Punishment Torture
5. Suicidal Masturbation
6. Anal Arousal
7. Addicted To Killing
8. S.W.Y.T.E.Y.O.S.
9. Consume You
10. Desire For Torment
11. Chainsaw Dance
12. 0108
13. Hung On A Hook
14. Dead Orgy Scene



On the 4th February Metal Mind Productions will release the second album of one of the most promising Polish bands, Spinal Cord. The album entitled "Stigmata Of Life" consists of 12 songs of pure devastation which will surely take you to hell and back! Faster, heavier, more to the point than it was in the case of the debut album –  that's what the second effort of this Polish death-thrash sensation is all about. This band cannot be missed by the fans of another Polish sensation, Vader, as the line-up features Novy on the bass guitar!  

"Stigmata Of Life" will be availble on 4th February 2008 in Europe and 15th April in USA (via MVD).  

Spinal Cord
"Stigmata Of Life"

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0585
Barcode: 5907785031722
Format: CD
Genre: death/thrash metal
Release date: 04.02.2008 Europe / 15.04.2008 USA  

1. Burn Them All
2. Body Dismorphy
3. Retrospection
4. Mind Killer
5. Amphitheatre
6. Storm
7. Ramirez
8. Beg For A Fast Death
9. Stigmatized Possessed
10. Critical Moment (dead end)
11. Epitaph
12. Exile  

The band Spinal Cord originates from the town Busko Zdroj (Poland). Their music and style, which was inspired at first by world famous death/thrash metal bands, slowly evolved and became the band's own unique style. Spinal Cord began to work on their first three-track promotional demo entitled "A.D.2000" in Lublin's Hendrix Studio in April 2000. At the same time, the band had the opportunity to play their first big concert during Behemoth's Millenium Tour 2000. Spinal Cord played next to bands like Behemoth, Devilyn, and Nomad. In early June, Spinal Cord supported VADER during their live show in Lublin. The recording session for "A.D.2000" was  followed by  two concerts with a Czech band Pandemia and then by another gig in Rzeszow alongside Trauma, Decapitated, and Astarot. In 2001 and 2002 the band was working on the material that was to be included on their full-length album. The recording session took place in November and December 2002 at the Screw Factory Studio in Debica. Its fruits, 11 tracks and an intro, gained an interest of the label  Empire Records. The debut album, entitled "Remedy", was released on the 25th of May 2003. Throughout 2003 and 2004 the band was busy making lots of live appearances. In 2004 a few important changes occurred, the change of the bass player being the most important one. Novy, well known for his work with Vader and Dies Irae, joined Spinal Cord. In March 2004 the band played a very successful set at the prestigious Metalmania festival. In August, American label CRASH Music Inc. released SPINAL CORD's debut album "Remedy". Soon after that, the band started to work on their subsequent album. Today, we can hear the result of that work.







Metal Mind Productions is very proud to announce a multi licensing deal signed with Nuclear Blast Records for their interesting, valuable back-catalogue.

In the first half of 2008 Metal Mind Productions will re-issue nearly 70 albums from their deep archives. The selection of bands includes Brutallity, Control Denied, Darkseed, Disharmonic Orchestra, Gardenian, Horde, Hypocrisy, Impulse Manslaughter, Macabre, Mortification, Night In Gales, Slaughter, Warhammer or Winter to name a few. This is a must-have offer for fans of good music – re-issues of classic material in new digipak editions, each title limited to 2000 copies, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process. The albums will include additional features like bonus audio or video material, biography, liner notes from Artists etc.
Tomasz Dziubinski, the President of Metal Mind Productions: "We are very proud to have finalized the deal with Nuclear Blast. It is a huge distinction for Metal Mind Productions that such a fantastic label wanted to start co-operating with us. We expect that we will achieve great sales results as we want to make re-releases of the highest quality: classic albums in new, improved editions. We want to achieve the best results possible. We do hope that our cooperation with Nuclear Blast will develop very well and fans can expect more and more interesting albums to be re-released" 
Among first titles to be re-issued as part of this deal are 8 Mortification albums, Control Denied and Macabre!
More details on each release will follow soon!