It is with great pride we announce the signing of Progressive Black Metal Legends Borknagar!


Borknagar has for nearly a decade been a leading star in the Black Metal community. Like no other band they have pushed the boundaries of what is possible within the genre, and now they will once again return to the dark side – to their roots, for a darker and heavier album to be released on Indie Recordings. It is an honour to add Borknagar to our rooster.

In a press statement the band comments the signing:


”After nearly a year of negotiating deals with different labels we are now proud to finally reveal the partnership that we have settled for our next 3 albums.

In late December 2007 we inked a 3 album deal with the Norwegian label Indie Recordings. After the release of ORIGIN, our 12 years and 6 albums long partnership with Century Media

 Records came to an end contractually. The years have been a great journey, but sometimes changes are needed to evolve and it was time for a change now.

We are really exited to start working with our new partners for the next albums to come. Indie Recordings is a relatively new label, but the crucial staff behind the company has been friends and fans of the band for many years. Their genuine dedication and high level of professionalism makes us totally confident that our collaboration
in the future will be prosperous in many ways; for the band, our fans and other associates. We are currently in writing mode for our next album and we are aiming for a late 2008 release.
This time around we will be back on track with a massive album including all our core elements that have formed our identity through the years.

For our long run fans the album might represent a surprise or two. So beware!”




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