GOAT THE HEAD går til ringen

GOAT THE HEAD går til ringen

GOAT THE HEAD ready to club the hell out of all and sundry at GET IN THE RING

Holed in a cave in the vicinity of Trondheim (Norway), great apes descendants, GOAT THE HEAD have been preparing for the event that might just change their posture.

The meticulous rehearsing and a change of wardrobe (it's winter after all) sum up part of what could be described as the real club up their sleeve for their Metal Hammer / XFM / Rockworld TV-sponsored GET IN THE RING performance at The Kentish Town Forum in London on 11th December.

Witness the hardest chest-beating antics in the history of mankind. See the most astonishing display of raw stamina. Hear the most dangerous sonic pummelling ever emitted.

Get free tickets from the band's myspace page (www.myspace.com/goatthehead) or email Kristine@tubarec.com (Norwegian requests) and patrizia@tubarec.com (international requests).

Sponsored by Kwari, METAL HAMMER's GET IN THE RING is back for another round rock and metal championship: four bands playing 4 songs in a boxing ring – you vote for who wins. On December 11th, the live battle will feature ENGEL, GOAT THE HEAD, VIKING SKULL, EVILE

GWAR's Oderus Ungurus, who'll be the compere for the night, had this to say about the event:

"Greetings humans of England and wherever the hell else you may be reading this. It is I, ODERUS URUNGUS, lead singer of the sickest band in metal history, the mighty GWAR! I am just wrapping up an amazing two-year stint of relentless touring and violent debauchery that was the BEYOND HELL (our latest opus!), but am I done with my mayhem making? NO!

I am off to merry olde England to participate in this years ‘Get In The Ring'! Now at first I thought we were actually going to have bands fighting each other to the death in some kind of gladiatorial ring, and actually I am not giving up on perhaps inspiring that myself when I arrive! Get ready England, get ready for ODERUS to RUN AMUCK at your precious event. HAIL METAL, AND HAIL GWAR!"