ARTILLERY box med 4 skiver

ARTILLERY box med 4 skiver

"Through The Years"

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP 4 CD BOX 001
Barcode: 5907785030084
Format: 4 CD Box + 32 page booklet (limited edition of 1500 numerated copies)
Genre:  thrash metal
Release date:  13.08.2007 Europe /  08.10.2007 USA  


Fear Of Tomorrow
1. Time Has Gone
2. The Almighty
3. Show Your Hate
4. King Their Name Is Slayer
5. Out of the Sky
6. Into the Universe
7. The Eternal War
8. Fear of Tomorrow
9. Deeds of Darkness 
Bonus tracks:                                
1. Out of the sky
2. Deeds of Darkness
3. Fear of tomorrow
4. Hey woman (with Carsten Lohmann)
5. Time has come
6. Mind of no return
7. Bitch  

Terror Squad              
1. Challenge
2. In the Trash
3. Terror Squad
4. Let There Be Sin
5. Hunger and Greed
6. Therapy
7. At War With Science
8. Decapitations of Deviants
Bonus tracks:
1. The Challenge (bonus demo)
2. In the trash (bonus demo)
3. Therapy (bonus demo)
4. Let there be sin (bonus demo)
5. All for You (With Per Onink)
6. We are the dead
7. Too late to regret  

By Inheritance 
1. 7:00 From Tashkent
2. Khomaniac
3. Beneath The Clay (R.I.P.) 
4. By Inheritance  
5. Bombfood  
6. Don't Believe
7. Life In Bondage
8. Equal At First 
9. Razamanaz
10. Back In The Trash   
Bonus tracks:  
1. Khomaniac
2. Don't Believe
3. Hey Woman (with Flemming Rônsdorff)
4. All for you (with Carsten Lohmann)
5. Blessed are the strong
6. Deserter
7. Day of Doom   

1. Cybermind
2. How Do you Feel
3. Out Of The Trash
4. Final Show
5. WWW
6. Violent Breed
7. Theatrical Exposure
8. B.A.C.K.
9. The Cure
10. Paparazzi
Bonus tracks:
1. Fly
2. Jester  

Back in the 80's they were one of the biggest European thrash sensations on the scene characterized by intense, energetic riffing and unique vocals of Flemming Ronsdorf, somewhat reminiscent of Slayer and Megadeth from the same era. The band was formed in 1982 in Taastrup, in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. The band members were: guitarists Jorgen Sandau and Michael Stützer, bassist Morten Stützer, drummer Carsten Nielsen and singer Carsten Lohmann. The band won a worldwide acclaim even before their first album, thanks to some well-distributed demos (repackaged and re-released later as Deadly Relics). Their debut album "Fear of Tomorrow" and the follow-up "Terror Squad" have gained a legendary status, becoming some of the most thrilling thrash releases of the late 80's period. They wrote killer riffs and their guitar tones on the debut were heavily distorted much like their German thrash counterparts. However, the overall mix and recording was not great. It wasn't a problem though as it is the aggression and the riff work that makes this disc a great listen. "Time Has Come", the number opening the album, is a perfect example of a great thrash song. It's fast and furious but changes several times. For years this album was nearly impossible to find, other than on the double album release with their second album "Terror Squad". However, that pressing omitted "King Thy Name Is Slayer" and the title track. "Terror Squad" is definitely Artillery's shining moment with lots of mosh beats, great thrash riffs, plenty of speedy solos, and unique vocals that are a balanced mixture of growl and melody. Their first album for Roadrunner, "By Inheritance", repeated the  impressive success of the previous LPs. Flemming Rasmussen finally crafted a more than competitive sound for the band which was often compared with Metallica's "Master Of Puppets". The Bay Area touch is still there in terms of the riffing. The two guitarists Michael and Morten Stützer burn a true fireworks of good guitar riffs. The vocals of Flemming Ronsdorf sound technically better than before. Absolutely insane songs like "Khomaniac", "Don't Believe" or the godly instrumental "7:00 From Tashkent" are the highlights of this release. There are no weak moments on this record! Maybe Artillery have become more melodic but in return the song writing has improved.  Unfortunately, after that Artillery was put on hold for almost 9 years, to ultimately return in 1999 with another amazing release, "B.A.C.K." with the unique vocals of Ronsdorf and thrash riffing that were trademarks of the band in their prime still intact. Today, the band still remains active, although there are no signs of a new recorded material yet. During the wait, the fans are granted a unique chance to rediscover the band's whole discography in one exclusive box set.