CAAMORA fremfører “She” i sin helhet

CAAMORA fremfører “She” i sin helhet

Caamora will perform 'She' project on 31st October 2007 at the Wyspianski Theatre, Katowice, Poland. The musical version of 'She' is based on the classic novel of the same name by Victorian adventure writer H. Rider Haggard. This represents the culmination of the last two years' work of Caamora, and will feature a host of musicians as well as eye catching visuals and dramatic stage show. Clive Nolan: "We still don't know exactly how this show will turn out; there are many ideas on the table and things are developing all the time. Whatever happens, it's going to be a terrific event!"  

Spearheaded by Clive Nolan and Agnieszka Swita, this epic production will also feature guest vocalists Alan Reed (Pallas/Neo), Christina Booth (Magenta), Karl Groom (Threshold), John Jowitt (IQ, Neo), Hugh McDowell (ELO), orchestra and choir, forming an ambitious two hour musical journey. It's going to be a magical night surely not to be missed by all rock fans.    

The 'She' project The 'She' project The musical version of 'She' is based on the classic novel of the same name by Victorian adventure writer H. Rider Haggard feature. Clive first encountered this story 25 years ago when he saw a film version at the cinema as a child. It had a profound effect on him, and many themes from this tale have appeared in different guises in his work over the years. It has always been his intention to set this story to music, but it was not until he met Agnieszka that it did seem to be the right time. After telling her the scenario, she was caught up in Clive's enthusiasm for the idea. With Agnieszka's encouragement, Clive decided to begin this epic composition. Over the following months Clive furiously set to writing material, and Agnieszka traveled regularly from Poland to England to record demos. Gradually, the material piled up until they had over two hours of songs and music. Clive Nolan: "The biggest problem we have now is cutting material out. I'm happy with all of it but some has to go to keep it within our two hour target." Metal Mind Productions eagerly snapped up the idea, with plans to record over several months at Thin Ice studio as well as filming the performance in a Theatre later in the year. Agnieszka Swita: "It's amazing. There will be a whole host of people involved in this project, both in the studio and on stage. I'm particularly looking forward to the live performance: We're planning for an extended rock band as well as a choir, instrumentalists… maybe even dancers." By the time 'She' is released, this project will represent over two years and a half of writing, recording and preparation, and the involvement of a team of over forty people. This is not just an album, it's an event!  

The 'She' Story
Two explorers travel to Africa and stumble into a world of mystery and intrigue. They discover lost tribes living in vast underground caverns and worshipping a living Goddess… 'She who must be obeyed'… Ayesha, the queen who is believed to be a woman of vast age. She welcomes the explorers, but her true motives soon become apparent. Ayesha has been waiting for the return of the man she loves… a man she murdered over 2000 years ago!  

"She" album will be recorded in the summer of 2007, with a partly staged performance to be filmed in Wyspianski Theatre for DVD on 31st October 2007. The album and DVD box set for release on 21st January 2008.    

But, as regards this special night at the Theatre, this is not all. Caamora will be supported by two fantastic bands – Pallas and The Oliver Wakeman Band in the following line-up: Oliver Wakeman (keyboards, piano), Paul Manzi (vocals), David Mark Pearce (guitar), Paul Brown (bass), Dave Wagstaffe (drums)! Oliver is a son of Rick Wakeman (Yes), one of the best keyboard players in the history of progressive rock. The music of the band is an extraordinary mixture of styles, incorporating influences from progressive and symphonic rock. Oliver Wakeman already has a cult status in the progressive rock community. He was acclaimed both as a solo artist and as part of various musical projects by fans and by critics. Pallas – the pioneers of neo-progressive rock. The group released 6 studio albums so far, the latest one, "The Dreams Of Man", considered to be their best effort. On this record the band extended its line-up by two new members: Paul Anderson, a very talented violinist who enriches the band's sound with an element of traditional Scottish music, and Pandy Arthur, a classical vocalist.  

The official premiere of the prog-rock opera "She" is an event on a world-wide scale and it is only at Wyspiański Theater that one will be given a chance to bear witness to the splendor of this incredible show. Stunning stage setting, impressive visuals and, of course, breath-taking music will all make for an unforgettable 5 hour show!  

It's going to be a real treat for fans of progressive rock!

31.10.07 – Teatr im. Wyspiańskiego, Katowice, Poland