HATE ETERNAL med ny trommis

HATE ETERNAL med ny trommis

Florida-based band extreme metal act HATE ETERNAL has announced the addition of drummer Jade Simonetto to the group's ranks.

Commented guitarist/vocalist Erik Rutan (ex-MORBID ANGEL), "Jade and I have been working together for six months or so, and his incredible skill and dedication to extreme drumming and groove has made him the perfect drummer for HATE ETERNAL. We get on everything from all the old songs to the new and the creativity process has been amazing.

"Working with Jade on the new songs, there is so much diversity and signature drumming to the melodies and riffs.

"We have been in the middle of pre-production right now for weeks and will be doing pre-production till the end of August. We will then start recording the drum tracks for our album!

"I am super-excited about the new material and Alex [Webster, CANNIBAL CORPSE] is coming up with some incredible bass lines!

"This album is covering a lot more ground than we have previously and I am excited about jamming with Jade and Alex, and a suprise in the works! A lot more groove and diversity in an extreme way.

"We will record and mix between now and October, with an early 2008 release on Metal Blade."

CANNIBAL CORPSE's Alex Webster was recruited to play bass on HATE ETERNAL's new album following the departure of Randy Piro Jr.

Webster and Rutan have had a close working relationship prior to collaborating on HATE ETERNAL's new album. Rutan produced CANNIBAL CORPSE's latest CD, "Kill" (2006)

HATE ETERNAL signed a new record deal with Metal Blade Records in January 2007.