HOLY MOSES nyheter

HOLY MOSES nyheter

HOLY MOSES new album and tour in Europe!!

2008 will be a very busy year for the German Thrash Metal act HOLY MOSES. Starting the year with releasing a new album and hitting the European roads with the metal heroes Obituary (support: Avatar) the band will surprise worlwide fans with a lot of additional shows! More about the upcoming Obituary tour dates and the streetday for the brand new masterpiece of HOLY MOSES are spread very soon!  

Press conference on Wacken Open Air with HOLY MOSES

To give you first impressions about the current line up (Atomic Steiff will be introduced as the new drummer), the upcoming album and tour with Obituary HOLY MOSES set up a press conference on SATURDAY, AUGUST 4th 2007 from 14.00 CET to 14.45 CET in the press tent!! Interviews are always welcome, please, give me a mail to schedule your date until Wednesday, August 1st 2007 / 15.00 CET latest!! Mail to: management@skydra.net Thanx a lot!

Former HOLY MOSES drummer Atomic Steiff is back!   Holy Moses are very proud to announce their former drummer Atomic Steiff is back. After taking a break (Atomic Steiff played with Sodom, f. e.) Atomic Steiff decided to join HOLY MOSES again to support the band as in past times with his brillant play on the drums. Atomic Steiff already played some live gigs together with Holy Moses in 2007 and a lot of fans joined the great events, were witnesses of amazing performances and wrote a lot of fan mails to congratulate Atomic Steiff. Don´t miss the next shows!   Enjoy HOLY MOSES with Atomic Steiff on the upcoming events:

August 18th 2007    Jalometalli Festival    (FIN)    Oulo   www.jalometalli.net   (with Kreator and more)

October 20th 2007    Metal Female Voices 5  (B) Wieze www.metalfemalevoicesfest.be  (Theater Of Tragedy, Imperia, Valkyre, Dylath Leen and many more)

December 1st 2007   Arnhem Metal Meeting Festival    (NL)    Arnheim   www.arnhemmetalmeeting.nl  (with Marduk, Unleashed, Holy Moses and many more)

MOSH-Fans get a special: Your favorite radio show with radio editor Sabina Classen free for download!!

At http://podcast.wacken.com/ fans of the famous MOSH radio show get a very special thanx from Wacken broadcasting: all cult radio broadcastings with Sabina are free to download on your ipod! Listen to the shows when ever you want to and enjoy many hours of classic, new and rare metal music! A must for the metal fans!






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