DESASTER med ny skive

DESASTER med ny skive

DESASTER to release "666-Satan´s Soldiers Syndicate"!

German Blackthrashers DESASTER have finished recordings for their new, sixth album "666-Satan´s Soldiers Syndicate". The album was recorded in the Harrows Studio, Holland (Asphyx, Pentacle, Occult, Soulburn etc.).

"666-Satan's Soldiers Syndicate" again shows the band´s typical thrashing, blacking riff metal without mercy – where there is no space for any innovation and modern elements! It's what DESASTER is all about: "A FIST IN YOUR FACE METAL ATTACK"!
Beware and be prepared for sharp riffs, pounding drums, roaring bass and screaming hell…


Besides crushing everything in it's way, "666-Satan's Soldiers Syndicate" also features guest appearances by Proscriptor (Absu), A.A. Nemtheanga (Primordial) and Ashmedi (Melechesh).

"666 – Satan´s Soldiers Syndicate" will be released September, 7th (G/A/CH/I) / September, 10th (Europe)!


"666 – Satan's Soldiers Syndicate" tracklisting
Satan´s Soldiers Syndicate-04:05
Angel Extermination-03:28
Razor Ritual-03:48
Fate Forever Flesh-04:46
Vile We Dwell-03:50
Venomous Stench-02:34
More Corpses For The Grave-04:34


Infernal – guitar
Sataniac – vocals
Tormentor – drums
Odin – bass