Ny The Old Dead Tree + labelboss Michael forklarer

Ny The Old Dead Tree + labelboss Michael forklarer


As Parisian goth metallers THE OLD DEAD TREE are just back from Stage One Studio, Germany, where soundboard wizard Andy Classen recently finished recording, mixing and mastering the band's latest opus, you can now see the artwork and tracklisting to the "The Water Fields", due next September 17th :

  1. Start the Fire
  2. Don't wake me up (those who never wear white)
  3. Dive
  4. What's done is done
  5. The Water Fields
  6. Is your Soul for Sale?
  7. A distant Light was shining
  8. Regarding Kate
  9. Rise to the Occasion
  10. Hey
  11. This is now Farewell

"The band went further again, reaching a new stage in terms of songwriting and maturity. This album is much heavier and darker, but also more diverse and full of sheer emotion! Even the production of Andy Classen outdoes the job on our previous material", vocalist/guitarist Manuel states.



Many people asked us during the last few weeks what Season of Mist's "Underground Activists" division exactly stands for. President Michael Berberian clarifies:

"It's basically bands we wanted to sign but that we couldn't sign with SOM. We always wanted Season of Mist to be opened, to explore new genres, to promote the bands to the best of our ability… It's never been a radical label. The goal always was to make it, if possible, "big", to turn SOM into a key player on nowadays' Metal scene. Underground activist will be the total opposite. It's about the most Necro, the most anti commercial, the controversial bands that we like. Bands that wouldn't fit into the SOM roster.

"Since our roots, our personal tastes and musical history are strongly leaning towards the underground, and that despise the trends and all the changes, we always kept an eye on what was happening there, we decided to take a more active part. To us, it feels like paying our dues to a scene that since the tape trading days, helped most of us to shape our musical taste, and made us want to work in music!

"So expect some obscure reissues and some more signings. Basically, it will be just stuff that, we feel, deserves to be released, to be out there, even if they will only appeal to 0.1% of the most extremists of the Metal scene."

The first Underground Activists release, BESTIAL MOCKERY's "Slaying the Life", is scheduled for release on August 20th and September 18th in North America and Canada.