Hole in the Sky Kick Off med støy

Hole in the Sky Kick Off med støy

Event: Hole in the Sky – Bergen Metal Fest VIII

Date: 22.08. – 25.08

Location: Bergen, Norway


HOLE IN THE SKY proudly presents:




– The official Hole in the Sky kick-off Tuesday the 21st of August –




Blood Fire Death is a big celebration of the great traditions of thrash, death and black metal. Although, before we start this great party of ours, we thought we should give everybody a glimpse of what’s going on in the alternative communities. Therefore we've had the great pleasure of inviting some pioneering acts for a little pre party. These artists are taking a lot of inspiration from metal and other contemporary music forms and in the end, moulding it into something completely new and unique.




NOT to be confused with the Swedish BM-depressives, this Norwegian jazz/metal/fusion/avantgarde group has left all notions of traditional “jazz” behind on their two latest albums on the noted Rune Grammofon– label. Simultaneously evoking memories of 70s King Crimson, Fantomas, Weather Report and WARP- acts like Squarepusher and Plastikman, this band has long been hailed as one of the most exciting Norwegian acts regardless of genre, and their brilliant skills must not be missed!




Stian Westerhus on baritone guitar and Kenneth Knapstad on drums are
Monolithic. This Trondheim- based duo have been impressing both metal and jazz
fans with their impressive chops, and their concert co-playing with Keep Of
Kalessin earlier this year has already been deemed legendary. Lightning Bolt
meets Bolt Thrower? This duo is hard to categorize and harder to resist!



Probably the most suitable Norwegian performer for our “Extreme Noise Terror”- night, Lasse Marhaug is Norway’s uncrowned King of Noise. For more than 10 years and on countless releases, Marhaug has – both as a solo artist and in collaboration with others – been deconstructing “metal” and producing some of the most punishing sounds imaginable to the human ear. The title of his 2004 -album “The Shape of Rock to come” says it all!


Tickets: 150 NOK

Venue: Garage


Tickets on sale via www.ticketmaster.no


See www.holeinthesky.no  for full line-up and updated information.


Program 2007:

Immortal, Testament (US), Kreator (D), Mayhem, Napalm Death (UK), Entombed (S), Immolation (US), Sabbat (UK), Destroyer 666 (AU), Belphegor (A), Anaal Nathrakh (UK), Bloodthorn, Melechesh, Manngard, Secrets of the Moon (D), Nifelheim (S), Vreid, The Batallion, Slavia, Helldiver, Deathcon.