SYBREED til Listenable

SYBREED til Listenable


Non Conformists Swiss futuristic metal band SYBREED have signed to LISTENABLE and will release their upcoming album 'Antares' on the first week of October. Born out of the ashes fo RAIN in 2003, main songwriter Drop decided on exploring new shores of synthetic melodies and metallic violence.  

The band 's new album is undoubtly the band's strongest effort and will surprise many a listener by it's incredible songwriting maturity. It also benefit from drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verberuren (SCARVE, SOILWORK..) who gave a sadistically stunning performance on this modern mix of electronica, futuristic pop and violent metal.   

As the band describes : 'Antares is the red pulsing noise celebrating the fall from grace, the loss of hope and innocence, and our own human nature confronted to Eternity.'  

SYBREED have announced the following dates , more will follow :  

15 septembre – l'usine / Genève (Swiss)
1er décembre – Madsanta festival / Olten (Swiss)
le 15 décembre with Lyzanxia – Château Rouge/Annemasse  

A demo version of the song 'Emma Zero' to be featured on 'Antares' is available on the band's myspace. Some album tracks will be posted there shortly.