Dom i Krakow saken

Dom i Krakow saken

30.06.2006 – "Director of satanic concert fined"
According to Polish media Tomasz Dziubi?ski, the owner of the production company Metal Mind Production, has been fined for organizing Gorgoroth's controversial live performance in Krakow 2004. The text below is an English translation of a receent news article from (Polish):

Gorgoroth_Krakow.jpg"Tomasz Dziubi?ski will have to pay a 10,000 ZLOTY [2,500 EURO] fine for organising a concert where infringement of religious feelings took place. During the gig of the Norwegian band Gorgoroth naked people were hanging on crosses; satanic symbols, the remains of animals as well as fake blood were used in stage design.

The local court of Kraków-Podgórze fined Tomasz Dziubi?ski with 10,000 ZLOTY [2,500] EURO for infringing the religious feelings. The accused will also have to cover the legal expenses of 2,000 ZLOTY [500 EURO]. The court also adjudicated forfeiture of the concert tapes. They will be put in the audiovisual archive of the Jagiellonian Library. […]

The charges named three cameramen as offended by the band's stage design. During the investigation the prosecutors acquired the band's statement, where they claimed to be unaware of the fact that their actions may infringe the religious feelings of Polish people.

According to an expert analysys, prepared by a theologist from Pope's Theologic Academy, the concert's stage design violated the religious feelings of Christians. The symbol of the cross, which was used there with naked bodies on it is an object of particular worship for Christians, and its combination with satanic emblems is obviously offensive for catholics.

During the investigation the accused denied his guilt, stating that he received the final project of the stage design from the band and he had no possibility to alter it. That was also his explanation in the court. […]"

19.06.2007 – Images
Gorgoroth is currently looking to collect archival images of the band to be used in an upcoming project. Fans, journalists and photographers who have rare, personal or live photographs or other images of Gorgoroth from the '90s are requested to share these images with the band. Copies are OK, you do not have to share your originals. Anyone who has such images and would like to submit them can send a message to Contributing collectors will be much appreciated and credited appropriately.

13.06.2007 – Concert Cancellation

The previously announced show in Munich (September 7th) is cancelled for breach of agreement by the local organizer.

06.06.2007 – European tour 2007
Confirmed dates for the European tour in November/December are published in the live section.

Contact Vainproductions bookings for further info, questions etc. about this tour:
Tel: 0031-78-6744121 – E-mail:

20.07.2007 – Norway, Tønsberg @ Hammerslag Festival
10.08.2007 – Czech Republic, Jaromer @ Brutal Assault Festival
11.08.2007 – Germany, Bad Berka @ Party.San Open Air
07.09.2007 – Germany, Munich @ Metropolis CANCELLED!
08.09.2007 – Germany, Osnabrück @ Hellflame Festival

13.09.2007 – Brazil, Campinas @ SP Hammer Rock Bar
14.09.2007 – Brazil, São Paulo @ SP Hangar 110
15.09.2007 – Brazil, Belo Horizonte @ MG Lapa Multishow
16.09.2007 – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro @ TBA
17.09.2007 – Brazil, Porto Alegre @ RS Bar Opinião
19.09.2007 – Argentine, Buenos Aires @ TBA
20.09.2007 – Chile, Santiago @ TBA
21.09.2007 – Peru, Lima @ TBA
22.09.2007 – Equador, Quito @ TBA
24.09.2007 – Colombia, Bogota @ TBA

European Tour
08.11.2007 – Denmark, Copenhagen @ The Rock
09.11.2007 – Holland, Leeuwarden @ Romeijn
10.11.2007 – Holland, Rotterdam @ Waterfront
11.11.2007 – Germany, Bochum @ Matrix
13.11.2007 – Germany, Hamburg @ Martkhalle
14.11.2007 – Germany, Berlin @ K17
15.11.2007 – Germany, Frankfurt @ Batschkapp
16.11.2007 – Switzerland, Erstfeld @ Transilvania Live
17.11.2007 – France, Marseille @ Le Portail Coucou
18.11.2007 – Spain, Barcelona @ Mephisto
20.11.2007 – France, Paris @ La Locomotive
21.11.2007 – UK, London @ Scala
22.11.2007 – UK, Nottingham @ Rock City
23.11.2007 – Ireland, Dublin @ The Voodooo Lounge
24.11.2007 – Ireland, Cork @ An Cruiscin Lan
25.11.2007 – Scotland, Glasgow @ Cathouse
27.11.2007 – France, Rennes @ Antipod
28.11.2007 – Belgium, Vosselaar @ Biebob
29.11.2007 – Germany, Munich @ Backstage
30.11.2007 – Austria, Vienna @ Planet Music
01.12.2007 – Germany, Bischopswerda @ Eastclub
02.12.2007 – Denmark, Aalborg @ TBA
03.12.2007 – Norway, Oslo @ TBA