IMPALED NAZARENE med oppdateringer på skive nummer 10

IMPALED NAZARENE med oppdateringer på skive nummer 10

Greetings weaklings.

We have finished recording all instruments for our 10th studio album MANIFEST. We entered Sonic Pump studio with our producer/engineer Tapio Pennanen on May 10th. Recordings went fast and well, and happy to say we do not use triggers on this album. Much more warmer live sound on this one. We have a little break now and we will continue with vocals in June. Then we will have a longer break and MANIFEST will be mixed at Sonic Pump at the end of July. Here is the tracklisting (not in any order):

1. Intro: Greater Wrath
2. The Antichrist Files
3. Pandemia
4. Mushroom Truth
5. Die Insane
6. Blueprint For Your Culture´s Apocalypse
7. Funeral For Despicable Pigs
8. Goat Justice
9. Dead Return
10. Suicide Song
11. Pathogen
12. The Calling
13. Planet Nazarene
14. You Don´t Rock Hard
15. When Violence Commands The Day
16. Original Pig Rig

This album is definitely the most varied one since Suomi Finland Perkele. Even more than said SFP. We have slow shit, fast shit, rocking shit. Shit that will kick your ass. Some surprises for sure. Lyrically, in case you did not guess, this one deals with all possible bullshit we have faced during the last couple of years. You got it, wrath falls upon lots of people. Well, let me rephrase this. Wrath falls upon all sub-humans. You know who you are, choke on bratwurst you pathetic cock-suxxors!!!

We will be mastering the album in August. Ritual, who have worked with us previously on many occasions, will handle all artwork and layout for the album. We hope to have MANIFEST out by the end of October. It will be released by Osmose Productions on both cd and vinyl!

On other news, our drummer Repe Misanthrope is now endorsed by Orion cymbals.