HELLOWEEN – Calling Marcus Grosskopf of Helloween

HELLOWEEN – Calling Marcus Grosskopf of Helloween

Helloween er kjent for å være det bandet som satte en ny standard for en hel generasjon med en aggressiv form for melodiøs og hurtig Metal. Stemningsfylte konseptplater av gitar dueller, bakgrunnsklanger, omtumlende riff med temposkifter mellom ekstrem hurtighet og rolige partier, doble kick trommer og over dette svever en melodiøs høy frekvent sang; dette er essensen av det skumle og fryktinngytende uttrykket av Helloweens musikk. Nå er deres utmerkete live utgivelse «Live On Three Continents» et kjærkomment objekt som representant for et nytt årtusen. Grunnleggende medlem og basspiller Marcus Grosskopf var overlykkelig for å besvare mine utspørringer av alle ting Helloween.

ET – Good evening. Do I have the pleasure of speaking with Marcus Grosskopf?
Marcus Grosskopf – Yes. Marcus Grosskopf, that’s me.

ET – First I’ll like to express my gratitude towards you and Helloween. Talking with you is a dream come true. Helloween is one of my favourite metal acts since the ‘80s. I think «The Legacy» was great.
Marcus Grosskopf – Thank you. You know it’s twenty years since «Keeper of the Seven Keys part 1» and know it’s «The Legacy».

Helloween_1.jpgET – How has the group evolved?
Marcus Grosskopf – It’s been a long time since we started, some people were leaving and some people were coming in over 20 years. It’s been good times and it’s been rough times. It’s my life and not a part time job. It’s in your soul and in you heart. We started up with an EP and then we played full length albums, you know…
Are you still there?

ET – Yeah. I must make notes; hope that’s okey for you?
Marcus Grosskopf – You don’t record? It will spare you time and money too. Most people do. Well, you called me he – he (laugh).

ET – It’s the best opportunity. Marcus, you’re the one and only bass player, and you emphasize Helloween. Have you ever had second thoughts about playing in other bands?
Marcus Grosskopf – I play in other bands all the time (and mentions quit a few number of bands). Back home I play in an AC/DC cover band, but Helloween is my priority band.

ET – I think you do a great job.
Marcus Grosskopf – Thank you.

ET – There’s a real sense of adventure in Helloween’s playing that keeps the music fresh.
Marcus Grosskopf – It has to be that way, That’s why we put out «The Legacy», it has to be interesting song lines, and it has to be interesting to listen to the songs. To build a song is actually an adventure in itself, and that’s the goal.

ET – The dual guitars both phrase like singers and play rhythmic riffs and chords. How are Helloween able to do such an awesome combination of melodic voices and powerfully rhythms?
Marcus Grosskopf – We had to do such a thing to top the other bands; otherwise no one would listen to us. We also had to make it creative to make something different, you know.

ET – Do you get nervous before you go on stage? Many people say that they do, and it kind of helps.
Marcus Grosskopf – It’s only natural. I’m kind of tired and wered out, and I want to go to sleep. Maybe that’s kind of being nervous too. Many do it in a different way, some go on talking, you know.

ET – What kind of music do you listen to?
Marcus Grosskopf – Right now I’m listening to Firewind. What ’s the name of the album?

ET – I don’t know. I haven’t heard it.
Marcus Grosskopf – Well, I listen to Firewind’s latest record, and to Muse.

ET – The Danish band?
Marcus Grosskopf – No, it’s English, I think.

ET – Maybe I will check out those bands as well.
Marcus Grosskopf – What? Oh yeah!

Helloween_2.jpgET – For years Helloween have been tagged Speed Metal. Is this still a good fit?
Marcus Grosskopf – I like to call it Melodic Speed Metal and Heavy Rock. Call it whatever. People have to categorize it to have somewhere to put it, you know.

ET – You’re part of the legacy, and you have been touring worldwide.
Marcus Grosskopf – That’s why we called it «Live On Three Continents». That’s the actual idea: you can be in São Paulo and in a different place, and listen to a totally different song, you know.

ET – Where’s Metal today, stagnant, thriving?
Marcus Grosskopf – From what I have seen, people come to our shows to have a good time, and we can deliver that to them. They come to us and have a good show. It’s the second generation of fans and they bring their kids with them, and that’s what I think is nice. The third generation will buy the part 4.

ET – Please add any additional comment you might have.
Marcus Grosskopf – We’ll be recording for a new record soon.

ET – Wow, you’re going into studio to record a new album.
Marcus Grosskopf – We are trying to top «The Legacy». We’ll be recording in August and December.

ET – Do you have a working title for the album?
Marcus Grosskopf – No, it’s too early for that.

ET – Well, shall we call it the day for this interview?
Marcus Grosskopf – Yeah!

ET – Thank you for participating in this interview, bye bye.
Marcus Grosskopf – Bye.