Releaseplan fra POWER IT UP

Releaseplan fra POWER IT UP

Here some news around POWER IT UP, view days ago we put out the *LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER/ IRA ET DESSUS Split LP*, The split LP contains 7 new attacks of insane brutal grindcore from one of the best european outfit. Recorded in the same session they did their plit EP's,includes the "Fear Of Napalm " Coverversion from TERRORIZER. IRA ET DESSUS brings us 11 old school crustcore tunes at it's best, includes a cover version from R.K.L. " think Positive". SEND YOUR PRE ORDER now: mailorder edition comes in coloured vinyl, just 100 copies pressed. Official release date Friday 16^th of march. After that we put out in Mai  the awesome NASHGUL/ WORLD DOWNFALL – Split 7" and the YACÖPSAE – Fastcoregraphy CD. The CD contains the 10 " tracks, the material from the Split LP with Sanitys Dawn and the long time out of press LP "Einstweilige Vernichtung". In May we put out the BIRDFLESH – Mongo Musicale LP, the LP version contains one  bonustracks, and comes handnumbered, mailorder edition comes in coloured vinyl, just 100 copies pressed.

In June we put out the MASTIC SCUM – The EP's Collection CD, the include all their vinyl stuff so far. Complete new remastered and compiled. All together 32 Tracks/ 2 tracks unreleased so far.

Middle  of July we put out the  MESRINE  – Unidentified 2x CD ,  the new material  is tighter and way more brutal than previous efforts. The 16 Tracks are  fast, aggressive, heavy and with an overall catchiness and first time real with lyrics.

The first 500 copies coming  with a bonus CD. The bonus  includes their live performance at the GIANTS OF GRIND # 2 Festival. 21 live audio attacks from these canadian massmurders outfit number one.

In August at the Party- San Festival we put out the HAEMORRHAGE -Haematology CD. The CD contains 34 tracks of awesome pathology grind, all vinyl EP's remastered and remixed from Samuel Ruiz from VRS studios and Mastermind Luisma himself.

The collection includes the tracks from the split EP's with CHRIST DENIED,with DAMNABLE,with DENAK, with GROINCHURN, with INGROWING, with GONKULATOR ,with EMBOLISM/SUFFOCATE/OBLITERATE,Picture 7" EP with WTN, with Terrorism, with Nunslaughter + one bonus tracks taken from the NUNSLAUGHTER EP session. All together 34 TRACKS running time 72:55. The first 500 copies are coming with a special edition duluxe digipack, we selling the digipack only via our shop and at the festivals. Also coming end of the summertime via POWER IT UP is the new BOMBSTRIKE – Born Into This CD. Check our webside for more details, coz in august BOMBSTRIKE planing a tour in europe. The LP from dutch thrashcore heros INSULT are coming early September, the LP is loimited to 500 copies only. Special edition is coming with a hanmade coverartwork by the band. Just 100 copies  available.

More news around summertime. *NASHGUL* recording in August their new material. We put out the CD end of the year. Also LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER will enter the studio around this time to records new material, we put out the Vinyl Version and Ramon put out the CD version. The vinyl version has couple more songs. And if we have enough money we put out the JIGSORE TERROR / SUPPOSITORY Split Picture 7" soon. There are only 500 copies coming.


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