PETE SANDOVAL – No one plays like me, period

PETE SANDOVAL – No one plays like me, period

Så var de 5 første intervjuene i vår Blast Beast serie et faktum, og da kunne det vel passe med en liten spesial. Morbid Angel trommis PETE SANDOVAL svarte overraskende nok på spørsmålene våre, dog noget kort. Men han svarte da i alle fall, og det var ikke så verst. Om det er så veldig mye lærerikt i svarene hans, kan så være, men jeg tror nok smilene vil sitte løst.


ET – When did you start to play the drums?



ET – Why did you start playing drums?

PETE SANDOVAL – Because I felt like it and I loved drums.


ET – How old were you when you got your first drums/drum set?

PETE SANDOVAL – I can’t remember. I only know it was my last high school year…….


ET – How often do you practice?

PETE SANDOVAL – Whenever I feel like it.


ET – Which drummer did you look up to when you were young and is there anyone today that you admire more than the rest? 

PETE SANDOVAL – When I started to play drums I liked: Clive Burr, Neil Peart, Dave Lombardo, Gene Hoglan and some other metal drummers I can’t remember…. and I don’t admire anyone today. No one plays like me, period!!!!!!!!!!


ET – What kind of equipment do you use? Which equipment is in your ears the best?

PETE SANDOVAL – I use Pearl drums, Sabian cymbals, Promark sticks, Axxis pedals, Ddrum4,Danmar Kick Pads, Attack Heads, Gibraltar Percussion and Korg.


Sandoval_2.jpgET – Which qualities do you think is most important to succeed as a drummer today?

PETE SANDOVAL – Just be yourself, have your own style and technique without trying to be someone else or imitate others. Be a leader and not a follower and believe in yourself and practice hard.


ET – Have you ever played a solo during a gig?

PETE SANDOVAL – Ahhhh, a few times……


ET – If you haven’t become a drummer, what would you most likely been doing?

PETE SANDOVAL – I don’t know.


ET – Do you workout a lot?

PETE SANDOVAL – I work out a lot when I am punishing my drums, so yesssssssss.


ET – Do you have any special rituals you have to go through before you enter the stage?

PETE SANDOVAL – No, just concentration, be ready and feel the fire!!!!!


ET – Which releases have you been a part of so far?

PETE SANDOVAL – All Morbid Angel but Abominations of Dissolation (Mike Browning played on that poorly recorded album)

All Terrorizer


Sandoval_3.jpgET – Before we end this, you now have the opportunity to challenge another drummer to take part in this series. Pick a drummer and explain why?   

PETE SANDOVAL – Let any drummer challenge me? I don’t think anyone has the long experience in this genre to be able to even reach up to my knees.

I am the creator of this genre (remember that). Who was blasting back in 86/87? Pete Sandoval was with Terrorizer already. There you go. There were no drummers that even thought of this style of drumming until they all heard of me, period!!!!!!



Og siden Pete ikke ville utfordre noen, blir dette enden på denne tråden. Kort og brutalt. Men fortvil ikke, nye tråder er slengt ut og det kommer flere intervjuer av denne sorten.