En prat med Tony fra The Enchanted
Av Vidar

Det britiske bandet The Enchanted slapp en miniskive kalt For Those Who Fails for en tid tilbake, og Vidar sendte ivei noen sp�rsm�l til bandets grunnlegger Tony. Hva som kom ut av e-mail kommunikasjonen, kan du lese om her…….

ET – Congratulations with your latest effort; For Those Who Fail�mcd. I guess you�re quite happy with it yourselves?
TONY – Hail, thanks for the congrat�s. We are pleased with the EP and the response so far has been great. We have learnt a few things doing this EP though and are certain the next album will be even better.

ET – How has the response been so far towards this album?
TONY – We have had a few reviews already and mostly the response has been positive, so I am more than happy so far. Also others who have heard/bought the CD seem to really like it so that is great news.

ET – What would you say is the difference between this mcd and the album �Trust In Death And Rebirth�?
TONY – The EP is not a massive departure from the first album; the songs were all written about the same time, although the Songs on the EP are a bit more intense than most that made it onto the �Trust in Death and Rebirth� album. The next album we do will see a bit of a development and diversity to our sound though and I am really looking forward to starting work on that.

ET – When listening to the album I�m hearing a lot of influences from the more melodic (Swedish) death metal-scene. Do you agree with this argument?
TONY – I would agree to an extent yeah, a lot of people have pointed out the same. Saying this though people have pointed out a lot of different influence�s they can hear that I also would agree is fair. At the Gates have had an obvious (Huge) influence on the whole Swedish scene and we are massive fans of them. Again though I can see the influence of NWOBHM and bands like Kreator on the Swedish scene too and they have had an influence on the way I write and the way we play the music.

ET – Any plans for another full-length?
TONY – Yeah, as I mentioned earlier, the next album will see some development to the Enchanted sound, bringing in some more experimentation and such. The songs are coming together well and I am certain that this will be the most impressive release for us.

ET – Please tell our readers a bit about The Enchanteds history.
TONY – I formed the band in 1997 recruiting second guitarist Robb and had first jam in a friends garage. Back then the idea was to be a lot more Pagan Folk Metal, we had a female singer (Kate) in the beginning and when she left we replaced her with Natalie. One demo was done with Kate (Also myself, Robb, Daryl and Barry featured on the first demo) and the second with Natalie, back then we recorded the songs that best showed off the female vocals and the more folky/melodic ones. After Natalie left we did try out a couple of other women as replacement but it didn�t work out, also our sound on most of the material was getting more extreme (Barry was replaced by Jamie after second demo). Since then we have been a four piece (Recently Daryl being replaced by Adam) these line up changes have held us back a little (It has been over 2 years since the �Trust in Death�� album), but The Enchanted still move on and are determined to make a great impact with this EP, the new album and gig�s/tours in the future.

ET – Explain the meaning behind the name �The Enchanted� to our readers.
TONY – The Enchanted at first sounds very positive but being Enchanted can be quite a dark thing also, it depends on what or who has enchanted you, I personally like that light/dark mix. Other than that I think it suits what we are about and is a name people seem to remember.

ET – Which bands/music are The Enchanted influenced by, and what does the different band members listen to in their daily lives?
TONY – I would say that u can�t help but be influenced by everything you listen to at least a little bit. Music though does not just come from what bands you listen too, it also comes from life experiences and emotions. We all listen to a wide variety of music, we are all very much into Black, Death, Thrash, Doom metal etc.. but also do listen to other music like classical, folk, blues etc�

ET – Where do you see The Enchanted go in the future?
TONY – It would be nice to be better known. It would be great to have more people listening to our CD�s and coming to our shows. The deal with golden lake and the release of this EP is a good stage for us but I really look forward to the release of the next album and the response we get from that.

ET – Any plans to come abroad for some touring? Take a hint…
TONY – Yeah we do have plans to play some gigs over seas; we have been talking about doing this for a while now and did manage to do a couple of shows in Ireland. We have found it difficult with budget and with members leaving to get the overseas gig�s organised but I promise this is on the cards and we should be touring very soon.

ET – Now, finally, promote The Enchanted to our readers.
TONY – If you are into Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash etc� then check us out. Mp3�s are available to down load on our website Hopefully we will be playing gig�s in Europe very soon also so if you hear of us playing come along, we would appreciate the support. Thanks for reading and thanks to Eternal Terror for the interview.